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Day 11 – March 16, 2019

It is morning in San Lorenzo and the city is alive with lots of music blasting from sound systems here and there.  Their sound systems are full range and up quite loud.  Traffic is buzzing by both directions and one wonders where everyone is going as there is just one road in and out of the city.  It is a constant stream of cars, trucks, mopeds, bicycles.  And here the pedestrian is not respected.  The cars don’t slow down but honk loudly if a pedestrian is crossing the street.  

I got up and took another cold shower and feel refreshed.  It still takes some effort to have that cold shower hit your back and not inhale the entire time.  I have everything packed in my two smaller suitcases.  We meet soon for breakfast and then will load the truck and head to Quito.

We didn’t have a time of devotions this morning before breakfast.  However, I went to the Our Daily Bread book that is being used and looked up the Scripture referenced in today’s thoughts.  The passage cited was Isaiah 40:9-17.  As I read this passage all I could say was “How great is our God!”  Verses 12-17 have some penetrating questions.  Take a moment and read those verses.  I think you will agree that God is Almighty.  Who can understand Him?  But, this very Holy One longs to have a relationship with us, a personal intimate relationship.  He wants to draw us into His arms and love us with an unconditional unfailing love.  He wants to be our closest friend.  Father, Closest Friend, I come to You today in full worship and praise.  You alone are God.  You created me and placed me here to serve You.  Thank You for Your unbelievable love and grace.  Lord, I worship You.

Jane spent some time seeing the patients in the post-op area and sent them all home.  They all are recovering well.  The one patient with the large prolapsed fibroid was lightheaded yesterday and we suspect her blood count is low.  She received a unit of blood before surgery and we did lose some of that during surgery.  This morning she was feeling much better, was up walking and Jane sent her home on iron therapy.  With her chronic blood loss her iron stores were probably depleted and her bone marrow will pull in the iron quickly to make more blood.  We felt she will respond quickly to the iron and in a month or so her count will be up to normal.  She may not know what to do with all the energy she will have when she finally has a normal blood count.  Jane said we probably saved her life as she was destined to bleed to death the way she was going and not receiving treatment.  Likewise, we probably saved the life of the man with the pyloric obstruction.  By cleaning up the adhesions the stomach straightened out and the pyloric area opened up again allowing flow of food from the stomach to the small intestine where digestion and absorption of the nutrients occur.  

We then packed our things in Jane’s truck and left for Quito.  Damarys was driving her truck back to Quito as she will stay at her home until the next surgical week.  Jane and Damarys are planning on shopping for supplies after they take me to the airport and then Jane will return to San Lorenzo.  Our trip to Quito involved a stop in Ibarra to purchase some things and then on to Otavalo where we shopped for most of the afternoon.  Otavalo market is such an interesting place.  These Quechua Indians who are the vendors in the market have stalls of their own goods.  Much of the goods are made by the vendors and then sold in the market.  While shopping we did stop for lunch and then finally left for Quito about 4:30 to 5 pm.  

A few pictures of only a small part of the market.

A short distance from Otavalo we pulled off at a place where one could by an de uca or yuca bread. It is small round rolls made of yuca flour. They were hot and tasty. While there Damarys bought three dozen long-stemmed red roses. These roses are grown locally and are beautiful. She paid a hefty sum of $5.00 for all three dozen!

Our trip on to Quito was uneventful.  Jane and Damarys took me to the guesthouse where I will stay for the next couple days.  I have stayed here before and it is very comfortable and even has a hot shower!!  Jane will pick me up tomorrow sometime between 10 and noon and we will go to the artisans market in Quito to browse for a few hours.  

After settling in to my room I was able to talk with Phyllis via FaceTime.  This is a good way to connect as we do this over wifi and also have video.  We talked for awhile and then she was going to bed.  I then took a hot shower and got ready for bed as well.  I am looking forward to a quiet place and a good night’s sleep.  

Father, thank You for the safe travel today from San Lorenzo to Quito.  Thank You for Your protective hand upon us as we drove and also protecting the other drivers on the road as well.  Thank You for bringing rapid healing to our patients.  You demonstrate Your healing power so vividly for us.  Lord, there is no question in our minds that You are there in the clinic in San Lorenzo.  All the work there brings glory and honor to You, Lord, and it is an honor for me to work with You as I help Jane and her team.  Father, thank You for taking care of Phyllis and Connie today.  You are an awesome God and I worship You tonight.  Thank You, Lord!! Amen.

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