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2/19/07 (Monday)

It going home day!  I had a good sleep in the hotel and got up about 5.  After a nice warm shower I finished packing a couple things and was ready to head to the airport at 6.  Jane and Damarys were waiting on me in the lobby.  I checked out and took my luggage to the car.  We then went to the airport arriving about 6:30.  After the good-byes and the hugs, I then went through the check-in process.  It took about 1½ hours to get through all the check points.  My ticket change was in the computer and that made it relatively painless, except for the fee to change my schedule.  The flight leaves Quito at 9:05 AM and arrives in Miami at 1:05.  I then have almost a 4 hour layover in Miami with departure from there at 4:50 PM.  I arrive in Fort Myers at 5:45 PM.  It will be good to see Phyl again and give her a huge hug.   

Father, Thank you for this wonderful experience serving You in San Lorenzo.  I appreciate the opportunity to come to another country and be and extension of You as we reach out and touch the people here.  It is such a thrill to make a difference in someone’s life, especially when we can provide medical and surgical care that would otherwise be out of that person’s reach.  Father, thank You for blessing this ministry.  Jane has a heart for You and wants to glorify You in San Lorenzo.  The new construction is going to add so much more to the clinic there.  All of this will just add to Your glory.  Thank You for allowing me to participate in this effort to help Jane and reach out to the people there.  Father, I pray for safety today—safety in the air and on the ground.  I pray for Phyl and give her safety traveling to Fort Myers.  Father, I give You all the praise and glory!  Amen. 

The boarding process in Quito went smoothly and the flight arrived slightly ahead of schedule in Miami.  Once I worked my way through customs and got to my next gate, I called Phyl to talk with her.  While we were talking we both received alerts that we had missed an incoming call.  The numbers from the incoming wall were strange to us so we hung up and called the number.  The caller was our neighbor in Fort Wayne telling us that the alarm on our house was blaring away and they were in our house talking with ADT to turn off the alarm.  ADT notified the fire department and they came out as well and went through the house thoroughly.  They found the problem; it was from melting snow coming through the ridge vent in the garage roof.  The water dripped on the wiring to the smoke alarm and shorted it out causing all the ruckus.  We are thankful that ADT responded so quickly and yet somewhat stressed in that I am in Miami and Phyl is on her way to Fort Myers and the Fort Wayne Fire Department is inspecting every square inch of our house there.  We are also thankful for our neighbors who responded quickly to the alarm when it went off and handled everything for us.  All sorts of excitement while we are away!! 

My trip from Miami to Fort Myers went very smooth with me arriving there at 5:45 PM.  I called Phyl when I got off the plane and she was on her way on I-75 near the airport exit.  I told her I would meet her in the baggage claim area.  She arrived just as I was lifting my bags off the conveyer belt.  We walked directly out to the car, after a long hug of course.  It was so good to see her again and hold her close.  We then made our way back to our house in Englewood, FL.  It really felt good to sleep in my own bed once again!  Father, thank You for a safe journey home and thank You especially for my wonderful wife, Phyllis.  I love her so much and I am so glad You brought her into my life over 40 years ago.  Father, thank You for the ministry You have given Jane in Ecuador.  She is committed to the people of San Lorenzo and You have empowered her to serve You through serving the people there.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in her mission ministry.  Thank You, Lord, for walking to Ecuador and taking me along with You, step by step.  Thank You!  Amen.


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