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This was the “specimen” that came up during our surgery.


We measured the critter and it was well over 10 cm in length.


Annette (left) and Linda (right) are nurses who work in the recovery room at Dupont Hospital, Fort Wayne.  They were a huge help to us.


Dr. Barb Weise is busy in surgery.  We had to tape her safety glasses to her forehead to keep them on.  The sweating made the glasses slide off easily otherwise.


Jane and Barb are in the midst of a surgery with Linzy passing instruments.


Our recovery room.  This was all there was, room enough for a cart only.  This room will become the hallway to the new clinic building.  The thermometer shows very high humidity and temperature in the high 80s.


Annette and Linda helped develop charts for the patients so Jane has a better method of documentation.  They even made name bands for identification.  The charts and documentation process will be a longstanding help to Jane.


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