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7/30/2012 (Monday) Final Thoughts

Thinking through the past 10 days and reflecting on what was accomplished and where God led me, I can only praise Him for this incredible opportunity.  He led me, called me to go to San Lorenzo once again to work with Dr. Weaver in her ministry to the people there.  Some praises and requests come to mind as I review this trip with my Lord.

The ministry of L.A.M.B. (Latin American Mission Board).  Jane has developed this organization and through her efforts as well as her family and supporting board members and friends this ministry has expanded and has touched a lot of people.  Not only do many citizens of San Lorenzo and the surrounding area are touched directly through this ministry, many people who support this ministry with their time, talent and treasure are also touched directly.  When one can play a role in an effort like this and then see the fruits of their labor or contribution, this energizes the heart to continue the support and even do more.  There truly is a joy in giving.  In fact, being able to give of one’s resources and talents and make a positive impact in a person’s life brings more satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment than any paycheck would provide.  I admire Jane so much in that she has dedicated her life and career to this mission.  She has been here 10 years now and has helped so many people.  To be able to treat someone’s disease and bring healing to that person is an experience that can’t be matched.  To do this when the only alternative for that person is to live and probably die with the disease  is even more of a thrill.  To me this makes it worth all the effort and sacrifice.

I think of the joy Jesus must have experienced when He was able to reach out, touch and heal people on the spot.  To see the paralytic get up and walk, to see the blind able to see, and to see the expression on the person’s face when he/she hears for the first time or can speak for the first time would be totally mind blowing for me.  What excitement that would create for me to be able to see these miracles let alone participate in them.  Yet, when I go to San Lorenzo and work with Christ in touching and healing the people there, I experience the thrill of watching miracles happen.  Jane gets to see this all the time.  She has created through God’s empowerment a ministry of miracles and what a joy to be able to do this as one’s career!

Father, thank You for Jane.  She is so special to You and to me.  Thank You for creating in her heart the desire to serve You in San Lorenzo.  Thank You for supporting her in so many ways.  Thank You for allowing me to be able to work with her at times.  Lord, this ministry is Yours and it is such a privilege to be able to touch it and participate with You in it.  Thank You, Lord!  I pray, Father, for Your continued presence with Jane and Your support of this work.  Lord, protect her and give her the wisdom and knowledge she needs to be an effective servant for You.  Thank You, Lord.

The church that meets in the ministry building.  I have witnessed this church develop into a stable congregation as it has met at the ministry building for the past couple years.  I remember going to the church when it was in its original building years ago.  Now the congregation is rebuilding the church building, creating a new home that will allow more room for growth and outreach.  I was humbled by the dedication these people have to this effort.  Not only are they giving out of their poverty, they are giving out of their time and talent to physically build the building.  Slowly, the dream of the new building is taking shape.  Along with this is their dedication to support this process in prayer and fasting.  I was very humbled by the discovery of the groups of people spending an entire day fasting and praying for the church.  With that type of support, it is no wonder the congregation has enlarged and the outreach has become greater.  It is no wonder the pastor is so excited.

Father, I praise You for what You have done for this church.  The people are sold out to You, Lord, and they are working to rebuild the church building.  They fast and pray for Your support.  Lord, thank You for allowing me to witness this.  Thank You, Lord, for what You have done for this body of believers.  Thank You for the pastor and his vision and leadership.  Thank You that Jane had a facility to allow the church to meet while their building is being rebuilt.  Lord, I ask You to bless this church, this body, richly.  I ask for funding to allow the building process to move along more quickly.  I especially ask for continued outreach to the people in the area to pass the message of love of Jesus Christ to them.  Thank You, Lord, for this church.  What an example it is to me.  Thank You, Lord!

Travel and personal safety.  I always pray for safe travel and easy connections when I go on these trips.  The last place I want to be is stranded somewhere in a foreign country where I can’t speak the language and possibly could be assaulted, injured or even killed.  The area around San Lorenzo is not safe.  There is a lot of risk with people willing to rob and kill just for some money or some other material goods.  Yet, when I am walking with God I don’t fear.  I recall the 23rd Psalm where the psalmist talks about walking through the valley of the valley of the shadow of death.  Sometimes, this place is like that.  Yet, I do not fear for I know without a doubt that God is with me and He will use me for His purpose in sharing His love with others.  Being able to do these trips is an awesome privilege.  There is sacrifice and cost and there is great reward.  I get to travel and see sights I have never seen before.  I get to meet people who place their lives in my hands and trust me even without having met me before.  I get to participate in miracles!

Lord, thank You for inviting me to come with You to Ecuador and to help in Your work there.  Thank You for the privilege of walking with You and being Your hands and feet, Your mouth and tongue, Your eyes and ears.  Lord, I am so humbled that You would use me in this way.  Thank You for giving me safe travels every time.  Thank You for giving me patience when delays occur.  Thank You for giving me the assurance that these delays are for my own protection and safety.  Thank You, Lord, for all that You do to empower and equip Jane and me as we work together to serve You.  Thank You, Lord!


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