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7/28/2012 (Saturday)

6:30 am.  I awoke about 5 am and could not go back to sleep.  I had some packing to complete and also wanted to get online before we left to talk to Phyllis on Skype.  So, I got up and did my deep breathing exercises one more time in the shower and got ready for the day.  I have everything packed and now I have some time to read and reflect before Jane is ready to head to the albergue for rounds. 

Father, my night was a little short but I feel awake and ready at this point.  Today is a day of travel and it means I am leaving this place for now.  San Lorenzo has become a special place to me because You bring me here and then demonstrate Your incredible love and power to me.  Lord, thank You for this opportunity to come here and serve You.  I know I can serve You anywhere and I try to do that at home.  However, this takes me out of my comfort zone and makes me much more dependent on You, Lord, and that is just what You want.  In fact, You want me to be dependent on You continually.  Help me learn that, Lord.  I confess that I don’t always turn to You first when I have a concern or even a praise.  Forgive me for that negligence, Lord.  Help me to always view everything that crosses my path through Your eyes.  Thank You, Lord, for this new day. I pray for our patients recovering.  Please cover them with Your healing hand.  I pray for our travel today.  Please keep us safe.  I pray for Phyllis, Lord.  Please comfort her and keep her healthy.  Lord, I pray for Jane and her ministry.  Please bless it richly.  Thank You, Lord.  Amen.

7:40 am.  Rounds are complete.  We have three patients and two are going home today.  One is staying through to Monday and then will likely go home if she has normal bladder function after the catheter is removed.  I was able to talk to Phyllis via Skype although the Internet connection was poor and we had several dropped calls before we could talk.  It is good to hear her voice.  I miss her.

9:45 pm.  We left San Lorenzo about 9 am and had to stop to get some air in Jane’s left front tire.  It has been losing air and we had to pump it up on Friday as well.  Then we drove to Ibarra and on to San Antonio and Otavalo.  At San Antonio we stopped to shop at several stores that carried wood carvings.  I got some nice carvings to take home.  Then we went on to Otavalo and spent several hours shopping in the market there.  By 5 pm we went to a local restaurant and had dinner and then left for Quito.  Driving to Quito was slow as there was a lot of traffic and also the speed limit had been reduced to 50 km/hr, which is about 30 mph.  The police have really cracked down on speeders.  Now if you get stopped for speeding, you will be fined $300 and also spend 3 days in jail.  Jane said that thousands of people have been in jail because of this new law.  She did not want to be one of them so we went along at the posted speed limit or slower based on the curve we were going around or the traffic.  We finally arrived in Quito to the guest house at 8:30 pm.  I have been repacking my bags to get them ready to check in at the airport and have my carry-on all ready as well.  Jane will pick me up at 4 am so I can be at the airport to check in by 4:30.  My flight from Quito leaves for Miami at 6:35 am.  It will be a short night. 

Father, thank You for a safe trip to Quito.  I am now ready to call it a day and get some rest before getting up early for the trip to the airport.  Lord, this has been a great week and a half working here in Ecuador with Jane.  Thank You for bringing me here and helping Jane and me as we served the people of San Lorenzo.  Lord, I pray for some rest and also safe travel tomorrow.  Thank You, Lord!


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