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6/28/04 (Monday)

6:45 AM.  I slept fairly good inspite of the loud music, noise, roosters, traffic and dogs.  The pigs were quiet at least but now are making a lot of noise.  I am all packed and ready to move my suitcase and carry-on to the car.  Jane and I will have breakfast, say our good-byes to the staff – Gonzalo, Nancy, Jorge, and Maruaka – and then will head back to Quito with a couple market visits on the way.

I was thinking through this past 10 days and reviewed all the work we accomplished and i am amazed.  Things happened that could only have been directed by God.  He pulled me here and then empowered Jane and the staff and me to accomplish great things for Him.  To God be the glory!  Thank You, Lord, for this incredible opportunity to serve You in this way.  Thank You, for Jane and her desire to serve You here.  Bless her beyond measure, Lord.  Thank You for Jorge, Maruka, Gonzalo and Nancy for the roles they play in making this clinic a huge outreach to the people here.  Thank You for their devotion to You and their witness for You.  Bless them beyond measure, Lord.  And Father, i pray for the 28 patients we operated on.  Guard and protect them, heal their bodies and souls.  Lord, please heal Jose’s nose and the man’s leg.  Bless all these people beyond measure, Lord.  Thank You, Lord, for allowing me to walk with You and for walking to Ecuador so I could reach out for You here.  Amen.

6:00 PM.  Quito.  HCJB Guesthouse.  We traveled back with an uncle of Maria Luisa (Maruka).  He was coming to stay with his daughter who is hospitalized with renal failure.  This country has no welfare system so if someone has no money to pay for lifesaving treatment, the treatment is not done.  She is on dialysis until the money runs out then she will be sent home to die.

We stopped at Otavalo to shop in a large market where one can buy all sorts of woven fabric pieces.  The Coronado Indians run the market.  It was interesting to see their native dress.  I picked up some things for Phyl and the girls.

Alpaca fur rugs

Alpaca fur rugs

Otavalo market

Otavalo market

Jane doing some bargaining for me

Jane doing some bargaining for me

A view across the market

A view across the market

One lady carrying a baby in a papoose

One lady carrying a baby in a papoose

It took a good 2 hours to get to Ibarra over winding mountain road.  I thought of the lady who came to see us Saturday night just to ask a question about her menses.  She traveled a difficult 2 hours and then went home after talking with Jane and me for about 10 minutes.  How can one turn her away after the effort she already spent just getting there?

Tonight, Damarys is taking Jane and me out to eat.  We are leaving about 6:30.  It should be a good time.  Jane and I had a good talk about her work and needs at San Lorenzo.  This past week was the best week she has experienced.  We did some big surgery and got along well.  Jane is thrilled to have this ministry in San Lorenzo.  Without the work Jane is doing, there would be very little to offer the people in that city.  Jane said if she had steady support of $1000 per month for the clinic, she could pay the salaries of Jorge, Gonzalo, Maria Luisa and Nancy and be able to purchase the supplies she needs.  Only $1000 per month!  I feel the need to do what I can to help develop that steady support for Jane.



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