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1/18/05 (Tuesday)

10:30 AM.  I am starting this journal while sitting in the waiting area at gat A1A in Fort Myers Airport.  I have checked in and got through security without any frisking or other funny business.  Phyl and I left Englewood, FL, early so we could stop for breakfast and enjoy some time together.  After I went through security she went to the car and phoned me to say another good-bye.

San Lorenzo is at the Columbian border and the Pacific Ocean.

San Lorenzo is at the Columbian border and the Pacific Ocean.

I am looking forward to this opportunity to work with Jane and to hopefully be the hands of Christ with her to touch and heal the people we see.  Jane is concerned about her anesthesiologist who may not be all that competent.  We will be extra cautious with what we do and recommend to our patients.  This is nothing Christ can’t solve.  If we become extensions of His hands, I feel confident He will provide and protect.

Lord Jesus, travel with me and protect me today.  I am here to do Your work and serve You.  Please make Your glorious presence known to Jane and me.  We will give You the praise in everything.  Amen.

2:10 PM.  I am sitting in Miami airport at gate D47 waiting for my flight.  I have a couple hours yet before boarding.  I talked with Phyl on the phone.  I miss her already!  Sometime I hope she can travel with me.  She would enjoy the experience – especially the hummingbirds.  My plane just arrived at the gate.  The crew will turn over all the needed preparations and then we will be on our way.

5:15 PM.  I am in the air in my first class seat, thanks to my partners who are paying for this trip.  This seat is very comfortable.  Our flight is due in about 15 minutes early.  I talked with my family and it is very comforting to know they are praying for me and this mission trip.  I want to bring glory to God through this.  The other day I heard Pastor Tony Evans on the radio talking about giving glory to God.  God is invisible and we can’t see Him, unless we bring Him glory.  He becomes visible to us through that glory.  When miracles happen, we are seeing God through the glory of the miracle.  When we reach out and touch hurting people, we glorify God and through this we make Him visible.  I had not thought of this before but it all makes sense.  As I live my life, as I walk with Christ, I can make God real and visible to me and to others through the glory that comes to Him.  What a privilege for me to bring God glory through this trip and mission work!

6:25 PM.  Speaking of God’s glory…I am looking out my window at a spectacular sunset.  The yellow ball just dropped over the horizon and bright gold and yellow strands of light turn to orange and then almost purple as the light extends across the sky.  Below me is a sea of fluffy clouds.  What color!  All of this was created by God to display His glory, to allow me and others to see Him.  This is evidence that He exists.  Thank You, Lord, for providing Your glorious blessing to this day!

Sunset above the clouds

Sunset above the clouds

9:20 PM.  I have landed, met Jane and now am at the HCJB Guesthouse.  The trip here was great.  I went through customs with no problems.  My large duffel had a broken zipper and came out half open.  Fortunately, my clothes were in vacuum bags and nothing had fallen out.  Once I got to the guesthouse I was able to fix the zipper.  Jane informed me the anesthesiologist called today to inform her he was not coming to San Lorenzo.  So we now have no anesthesia.  She plans to make some phone calls in the morning.  Part of me is glad this anesthesiologist will not be there.  Part of me is disappointed because there will be many patients who will not get treatment.  Jane said she has had an announcement on the radio for 2 weeks about our gynecology clinic and surgery and she expects to see many women wanting surgery.  This is in God’s hands and we will bring Him glory His way, not ours.

Thank You, Lord, for giving me safety in travvel and providing so much for me, especially when I deserve no favor from You at all.  I trust You for the project here and we will follow Your lead.  I pray for my family and the grandchildren.  Thank You for blessing me so richly through them.  Be with Phyl tonight.  Help her to sense my love and Your love.  I praise You, Lord!  Amen.


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