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6/15/04 (Tuesday)

6:00 AM.  My mission trip begins…I am sitting at Ft. Wayne Airport having checked in and screened through security.  There was a long line at security, however, it went through fairly fast.  The people checking the luggage and passengers were friendly and courteous.  I had no problems checking in.  Some people were pulled aside and all their luggage searched.  Fortunately, my luggage was routed through.  I anticipated more searching since I am traveling along and going international.

In line stood a former patient who introduced her husband and talked about my retirement.  I told her I was remantled, not retired.  We talked some about my mission trip.  They were going to Orlando to go on a cruise.

My hope with this trip I will be able to serve Christ through serving others, helping and teaching Jane and others and honoring Him always.

3:00 PM.  I have arrived in Miami and have a 4-hour layover before going on to Quito.  Flights so far have been smooth.  I am reading a book by Frank Peretti, The Visitation, very good.  It is about a man who appears to this small town.  Some think he is Jesus.  Others don’t.  I am only a third of the way into the book.  I think the message is even the elect can be deceived.

10:00 PM.  Flight to Quito hit a snag.  Some problem with the plane caused a 3-hour wait on the tarmac and then cancellation of the flight.  The airline put us up in a hotel for the night.  The cell phone was very handy.  I called Phyl several times and she was able to call Jane to keep her updated.  Our plan now is to fly out at 8:00 AM tomorrow.  At least we weren’t grounded in some other spot between Miami and Quito!


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