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Trip 9, September 2010

Another year has rolled by and the fire in my heart is to head back to San Lorenzo to serve Christ while helping Jane Weaver with several gynecologic surgeries.  We have been communicating via Skype on several occasions and she already has several surgeries waiting until I arrive.  Up to this moment we were scrambling for an anesthesiologist.  Jane had contacted the people she works with and all were already committed to other places.  I talked with local anesthesiologists in Fort Wayne but none were able to take the time to come with me to provide anesthesia, especially on a short notice.  After much prayer by several people we obtained the anesthesia coverage we need!  Viviana has worked with us before on a couple trips and she recently delivered a baby and was off on maternity leave.  However, she consented to come to San Lorenzo and complete our team for our week of surgery.  My schedule is to fly from Fort Wayne, IN, on Wednesday, September 8, and to return home on Monday, September 20.  I am eager to get there and help Jane and to work with her team in San Lorenzo.  I am taking my journal book and my camera and will post my experiences, thoughts and prayers.  Thank you for your interest in this endeavor and for walking with me at Clinica San Lorenzo.


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