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About Me

I am currently 64 rapidly approaching 65 and have had a rich and fulfilling life and career as I have tried to walk each day next to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  My walk with Christ began at age 9 when I came to know Him and incorporated Him into my heart and life.  As I went through college and on to medical school, it was clear to me that my primary focus would be to reach out to the people whose paths I would cross and be that cup of cold water for them or be that extension of the healing power of God to them. 

God led me into medicine as a career.  Through this career I have had the distinct privilege and pleasure of being able to make a significant impact in the lives of other people.  Many times in my office I would find the best medicine I could deliver was not the standard medical procedure or treatment but the listening ear and the compassion and caring that spoke to the heart.  My patients would come in for a particular exam or procedure but their real motive for making the appointment was to deal with some heart issue that was keeping them up at night.  I would find I would frequently take off my clinician hat and put on my counselor hat or my teacher hat or just a close friend hat.  The encouragement and support, the opportunity to explain to my patient where real peace comes from was frequently the best medicine needed.  Frequently, I would find what was needed was to take time and pray with my patient.

Upon graduating from Indiana University School of Medicine in 1970 I was able to pursue specialty training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis.  Finishing that residency I then spent two years in the Navy at Beaufort Naval Hospital, Beaufort, SC.  My ultimate destination became Fort Wayne, IN, where I joined a good friend and fellow resident, Philip Tyndall, MD, as a partner in his group, Fort Wayne OB-GYN.  Over the next 27 years of active practice I was able to observe incredible acts of healing from God to many of my patients.  Being His instrument to bring comfort and healing to my patients was the greatest privilege I have ever had.

In 2004 I left clinical practice and became part of the administrative team at Dupont Hospital in Fort Wayne.  I am now Vice President, Physician Liaison at Dupont and my role is to reach out to my physician colleagues to build positive relationships with the hospital.  I also am involved in teaching and supporting our culture of outrageous customer service.  Under the leadership of Mike Schatzlein, MD, Dawn Rudolph, Karen Springer, RN this hospital was developed from a sketch on paper to reality.  The major focus that differentiates this health care institution from others is the customer service.  We want our health care to focus totally on the patient and provide this care above all expectations.  The opportunity for me to join this effort was very exciting in that I am now able to carry what I learned in my practice dealing with people one-on-one to a higher level where I can work on processes and programs that deliver the level of care to many at once.  In doing this at one hospital, we are raising the bar for health care in our community.  The big winner in all this is the patient. 

I also have had the incredible privilege of sharing my life with my wonderful wife, Phyllis.  We celebrated our 40th year last June and are looking for another 40.  Phyllis has been my true help mate all these years.  She has supported me in my career and when my work pulled me away from family because of call duties.  She has been the mother of our four children, two biological and two adopted from Korea.  Her love for her children and grandchildren is immense.  And, I must say, her love for me is just as strong.  She also is devoted to serving God in what ever way He chooses.  I am so blessed to have her at my side every step of the way.

One small flame that has flickered in my heart has been the fire of serving God in a mission format sometime.  In recent years that flame has increased and I now have the ability to travel to other countries to participate in mission projects.  I have been doing these projects in the Dominican Republic and Ecuador primarily.  I also am able to participate in a local mission effort where I work as a volunteer at Matthew 25 Medical and Dental Clinic in downtown Fort Wayne.  Here I run a gyn clinic to provide care to those citizens of Fort Wayne who cannot afford health care otherwise.  This clinic serves thousands of people in our community and is another way to share the love of God with others by serving them in His name.

I have been a member of Blackhawk Ministries for almost 30 years.  This church focuses its teaching and preaching on God’s Word and has a strong missions program as well.  I have been able to serve as an Elder and Deacon as well as participate as a teacher and leader in Adult Bible Fellowships.  The friendships Phyllis and I have at church have become our primary circle of friends.  We treasure these relationships so much because they all support our relationship with God. 

Our goal is to walk with Christ every step of every day.  We walk with Him, not He walking with us.  There is a difference.  By taking the position of walking with Christ, we go where He chooses and we are then empowered and encouraged to reach out in His name to people we ordinarily would never meet or know.   This walk has given us fulfillment in our lives and the fruit produced in us is the overwhelming peace in every situation and contentment along with courage to represent Christ in our world.


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