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The small room next to the operating room served as our pre-op preparation area and our recovery room.  Linda and Annette work in both of these areas at Dupont Hospital and enjoy much more space and equipment.  The pre-op area is pictured here…just enough room for a chair.


The tank of oxygen for our recovering patients divided the pre-op room from the recovery room.  We are looking at Linda and Annette tending to a patient in the recovery room.


Linda and Annette are taking care of a woman who just had a hysterectomy.


Our digital thermometer shows the current weather in the recovery room.  The temperature is 89 with 72% humidity.  Enough to bring on a good sweat!


At the close of a surgery Linzy was able to learn how to close the skin.  Jane is teaching her proper technique on closing the incision.


Linzy caught on quite quickly and did a great job.



I think Linzy will make a great surgeon.


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