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Trip 5, February 2007

I am returning again to Ecuador to work with Jane Weaver, MD, in San Lorenzo.  Again, we will see a lot of gynecology problems and will be doing several surgeries.  This trip a good friend, Greg Sutton, MD, will be joining us for the surgery week.  He is a gynecologic oncologist, a cancer surgeon, who has participated with me in the Dominican Republic as well as worked in Haiti on short-term mission trips.  He is a skilled surgeon and we have worked together in the operating room on numerous occasions.  I am glad he is coming to work with us at this time.  Jane has a couple patients already lined up to see him because they have some type of cancer.  In Ecuador cervical cancer is the #1 killer of women.  This is largely because very few women have a regular pap smear.  In fact, a majority of women probably have never had a pap before in their lives or possibly only one in the distant past.  Advanced cervical cancer is much more common here than in the United States.  Jane has a couple patients who she feels have advanced cervical cancer and one lady with possibly ovarian cancer.  I am really glad to have Dr. Sutton along with us this trip to help us manage these problems appropriately.

What follows are my journal entries and pictures.  I have divided the journal by specific days, starting on February 7.


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