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7/19/08 (Sunday)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

3:00 AM.  I woke up after a light sleep.  In fact, I kept waking up about every hour to check the time.  When I have to be up for something important, like catching my flight back to the States, I don’t sleep well.  We got around and were on our way to the airport by 4:10.  Jane and Damarys said their good-byes and gave us hugs and thanks for coming to work with them.  By 5:30 we were at our gate waiting to board the plane.  Our flight leaves at 6:30 and our next stop will be Miami.

6:20 PM Fort Wayne time:  I am writing while sitting in Chicago waiting to board our final leg home to Fort Wayne.  The flights have been on time today and rather smooth.  We had a couple hour layover in Miami and also experienced the fastest processing through customs I can remember.  There have been some changes where we now board a train to take us from one terminal to the other.  In about 10 minutes from deplaning, we were standing at the customs area waiting to have our passports stamped.  We then went to the baggage claim, got our luggage, went through customs quickly and dropped off the luggage to be placed back on our next plane.  This was all done within about 30 minutes.  Then we grabbed something to eat and then waited for less than an hour before boarding for our flight for Chicago.  We have a three-hour wait in Chicago before heading on to Fort Wayne.  We leave about 8 PM Fort Wayne time to travel home arriving there about 8:50 PM.  I have talked with Phyllis periodically on the phone since arriving in Miami.  It was great to hear her voice and know that soon I will be with her again, holding her in my arms.  Also, it feels good to be back on American soil. 

9:00 PM.  Arrival in Fort Wayne, home!  We had a smooth trip and clear visibility of the farm land below us.  The expanse of greens punctuated by fields of tan where wheat was either growing or had been harvested.  The land was so flat compared to Ecuador.  Steven commented about how flat everything looked.  The rich greens really made Indiana look great.  It was wonderful to meet up with Phyllis and wrap my arms around her.  Nyletta’s family met her and she was surrounded by hugs and cheers.  Steven’s dad was on his way to pick him up.  We got our luggage and came home.

11:30 PM.  Everything is unpacked and even some of the clothes are in the washer already.  I showed Phyl my purchases from power shopping at Otavalo and San Antonio.  She was quite happy with the things I picked up for her.  It feels good to be home and I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed without a mosquito net over me.  I am not certain if I can deal with the quiet.  I really need to hear all the trucks, buses, dogs, roosters and the fan running on high to be able to drift off to a quiet sleep.

Lord, this trip has been another great experience for me.  Each time I go to Ecuador I experience different situations that demand some ingenuity and skill to be able to deliver appropriate care.  I so enjoy walking with You there and being Your hands that reach out and touch those who are suffering.  Lord, You make Yourself visible to these people through the work we do and through Jane’s ministry.  I ask for Your continued blessing upon Jane, Damarys, Loida, Angelita, Maria Luisa, Gonzalo and Nancy.  Lord, they work there every day trying to touch people in Your name.  I am sure You are very pleased with their devotion to You and their sensitive hearts to share Your love and grace and healing power with those who walk through the door at Clinica San Lorenzo.  Thank You, Lord, for allowing me to participate in this ministry.  It is such a thrill to be able to make a difference in the lives of these people.  I ask Your blessing on Nyletta and Steven as they have experienced their first mission trip.  May Your fire burn in their hearts to continue to serve You.  Thank You, Lord, for Your unfailing love that You so abundantly shower upon all of us.  Lord, I praise Your name.  Thank You!!  Amen.


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