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1/31/05 (Monday)

7:05 AM.  Up and ready to go.  Everything is packed into a suitcase, carry-on and backpack.  Jane is fixing some eggs for breakfast.  It rained most of the night and now it is raining fairly hard and steady.  We have an hour or so of rounds, packing and saying good-bye and then we hope to be on the way.  I hope the rain doesn’t cause landsides that block the road that could make our trip to Quito long and difficult.

Lord, be with us today.  Protect us and give us safety.  Keep the roads open for us.  Also, Lord, be with our patients and the clinic staff.  Guide them as they serve You here.  Thank You, Lord, for this incredible opportunity to serve You in San Lorenzo!  Amen.

5:30 PM.  We make it to Quito having driven out of pouring rain.  The two major landslides that we passed before were all mud and had moved out on the road some but we were able to pass through them.  We stopped in Cotachi to look at some leather shops.  I bought Phyl a black leather purse.  We then went to Otavalo to shop the market there.  I got Phyl a necklace and earring set and some blouses and tee shirt.  I hope she likes them  Jane and I ate at a Mexican restaurant.  We sat outside on the roof patio in the bright sun.  We both got sunburned in the hour we sat there.  The drive to Quito was sunny and breathtaking.

I am staying in a different guesthouse as the HCJB Guesthouse is full.  It is run by another mission organization – Gospel Missionary Union.  It is like a bed and breakfast, we share a bathroom.  Unfortunately, I don’t have Internet access so won’t be able to email from here.  Bummer!

10:00 PM.  Jane and Damarys took me out to eat at a nice restaurant.  I had pepper steak and salad and apple pie with ice cream.  I also had a strawberry/orange juice smoothie – very good!  After dinner we went to Damarys’ office so I could email the family.  I had received a couple and sent out some to Phyl and the girls and also to my grandchildren Ben and Max, Jordan, Anna and Abby.  Any email I do will be from Damarys’ office.

Tomorrow I will meet Jane at her office around 9:30 AM.  We will then head out to the hummingbirds at Tony Nunnery’s house.  I am eager to view these marvelous creatures.

Lord, Thank You for a safe trip today.  Thank You for Your wonderous creation of mountains, waterfalls, green plants all mixed together into spectacular scenery.  You added the sun and the light and color was wonderful.  Thank You also for the Son who brought light into my life, pushing out the darkness and giving me eternal life with You.  Thank You, Lord, for Your unfailing love and forgiveness.  I am so unworthy of this love and grace yet You chose me.  Lord, all I can say is “thank You.”  I pray for my wife and family.  Please wrap Your arms of love around them, Lord.  Give them peace and keep them secure.  Thank You for the blessing they have been to me.  Lord, I love You.  You are too good to me.  Thank You, Lord.  Amen.


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