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2/07/08 (Thursday)

6:15 AM.  I awoke before the alarm.  We have breakfast at 7:15 and then will head on to San Lorenzo.  I had a nice warm shower, the last for awhile as there will be no hot water in San Lorenzo.  Then I packed up everything and went to breakfast.  We had the best French toast I have tasted in quite awhile.  Also, here the morning juice is usually some fruit that has been blended.  Today, our juice was strawberry and it was delicious.  All it consisted of was strawberries put in a blender to make a smoothie.  Very tasty! 

After breakfast we packed the car and I was able to sign on with my computer and do some email back home.  Then we made our way out of Quito heading north to San Lorenzo.  Along the way we stopped at various places to enjoy the scenery.  The sky was mostly clear with occasional clouds and the sun illuminated the green lush mountains very well.  I took more pictures of this incredible place even though I have seen it before.  Seeing this masterwork of God’s creation was awe inspiring all over again.   We stopped in Ibarra for a quick snack for lunch and a bathroom break.  Then we traveled on to San Lorenzo arriving there about 2 PM.  Jane was to meet with some people to give her an estimate on installing a better phone system that will also carry broadband Internet.  The rest of the day was mainly moving in as there were no patients scheduled for us to see.   

4:45 PM.  I have my room fairly well put together, the bed made and the mosquito netting up and in place.  I also have the fan on continuously, as it is hot and muggy here.  Tonight looks like a night of just settling in and relaxing.  I am looking forward to that after a couple days of travel.   

Lord, thank You for Your hand of protection on us today as we traveled.  The scenery You created was spectacular!  You must have had a lot of fun being so creative just for us to enjoy.  What awe-inspiring views!  Thank You for that.  Lord, I pray for a good project here this next couple weeks.  Give us all strength and stamina and help us cope with the heat and the living conditions.  Protect us from disease, Father.  We are here to serve You and represent You to those we meet and care for.  Father, please keep us from stumbling and failing You.  Help us to keep our focus totally on You throughout.  Thank You for allowing us to walk with You here in San Lorenzo.  Amen. 

Nancy fixed dinner for us and it was delicious.  We had fried fish, rice, lentils and patacones, a plantain that is flattend and then deep fried.  They taste like a thick potato chip.  They are especially good when they are still hot.  After our meal we then spent time reading and soon we will head to bed.  Our day tomorrow will be busy seeing patients all day.  Jane said she has 8 people who need a general surgery procedure that want to have their surgery done this next week along with all the gynecological problems that we will see over the next couple days.  It should not take long to fill our surgery schedule for next week. 

Father, Thank You for this good day.  We are moved in and ready to start our work tomorrow.  Please give us wisdom to appropriately care for the people we will see tomorrow.  Please give us stamina to withstand the heat and humidity.  Please protect us from illness and danger.  Thank You, Lord, for bringing us here.  I pray we can bring honor and glory to Your name.Amen.


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