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1/22/05 (Saturday)

7:20 AM.  I slept really good last night, almost developed bed sores from not turning!  What a great feeling to be rested.  That was countered by the long inhale that occurred when I stepped into the shower.  The construction crew is already at work on the wall.  Since last June when nothing was even started, there has been much progress.  One side is completely done and the other side is well over half.  The front wall will be open with 4 to 5 inch concrete beams (vertical) like a fence.  There will be two gates – one for people and one for cars.  This will really help on keeping the chaos under some control.  The back wall is not up yet.  Already we can see the wall will act as a sound barrier.  We don’t hear the pigs, dogs and chickens as much.  Jane has had plans to build this security wall around her property to help preserve her property from squatters moving in and also to provide much better security for her and the team.  It is good to see this progress ongoing.

Clinic wall under construction

Clinic wall under construction

One side finished

One side finished

Forms for the beams on the front wall

Forms for the beams on the front wall

The cement truck

The cement truck

I have been reading the Book of Acts for devotions.  Starting the church took a lot of convincing and changing hearts.  I see a similarity here – trying to teach people on how to take care of themselves.  The culture just doesn’t want to change.

4:35 PM.  After breakfast I moved to another room which Rob and I will share this week.  Breakfast was a real treat.  Mary fixed banana pancakes; they tasted a lot like banana cake and were absolutely delicious.  Maybe I liked them so much because I haven’t had carbs like these for some time.  Jane and I left for Quito about 9:30.  The road again revealed God’s creativity and glory through some spectacular mountain scenery.  We had a sunny day giving even more beauty to the landscape.  We had to maneuver around cows and landslides occasionally making the trip a little more interesting.  We arrived in Quito around 2 PM.  Jane needed to get some Internet cards so we went to an office supply store in a very modern and busy shopping mall.  Then we came to the guesthouse to sit and read for awhile.  Jane wants to work on the surgical charts to get the paperwork all completed as much as she can before Monday.  We will then get something to eat and then go to the airport to pick up Rob.  Rob and I will share the room at the guesthouse tonight.  Early morning we will head to San Lorenzo.


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