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Shortly after leaving Quito we stopped for fuel and Damarys purchased a bag of chirimoya.  This is a fruit with a green hull and the meat is white and thick.  In each section is a seed that is more like th size of a pumpkin seed but more round, not flat.  The meat was absolutely delicious.  It was sweet and had a distinct flavor, something I have never tasted before.  I took a picture of Linzy enjoying her snack.


The mountain scenery is just fantastic to view.  Our day was sunny and this made the vistas even more impressive.


Every turn in the road brought a new vista into view.  Words cannot describe the beauty the eye beholds as we drive throu a small portion of God’s handiwork.



We stopped at one overlook to drink in the scenery and take a few photos.  This was a small parking area next to the road and on the edge of a cliff.  One could look both directions and see very different scenery.  This view shows the road we just traveled and the mountainside above and below the road.


I took this view using my zoom lens at 48x.  I am surprised it stayed in focus!  At 48x my little movements make the picture move all over the place.  This section of mountainside showed sedimentary rock that aimed downard and turned around on itself.  This area would be an interesting study of the geology making up the mountains.  These mountains are in a volcanic region yet the sediment layering also looks like seabed.


We are standing at the edge looking the other direction.  There is a river in the valley and mountains beyond reaching to the heavens.


A closer view of the river in the valley.


Linzy, Damarys and Jane posing for me.


A rose between two thorns?  Damarys and Jane are a great pair.  They accomplish so much good here in Ecuador.


Cayambe was clearly seen today and we enjoyed the view.  Frequently, the top of this mountain is shrouded by clouds.



Another view of the countryside off the side of the road somewhere between Quito and San Lorenzo.


We stopped to take a picture of a beautiful waterfall (below).  Looking down the highway at this spot gives another incredible shot of just what the driver is treated to as one travels this highway.


This is the waterfall that one could see across a valley next to the roadway.  I wonder where the source of the water is for this beautiful waterfall.  We would see this type of scene at various places as we traveled.  Water would be pouring out of the side of the mountain near its peak and falling to someplace beyond our visibility.


A closer view of the waterfall.


At another spot we stopped and looked at some of the scenery.  This river was in the valley below us.  This would make white water rafting a fun experience.


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