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2/16/08 (Saturday)

6:45 AM.  We are all up and shower fresh.  Barb, Linzy, Annette and Damarys will soon be leaving for their return to Quito.  They plan to stop and shop on the way and also visit the Equator Monument on the way.  They will leave tomorrow for their return to the States.  They would like to be on the road by 7:00 if possible.  I am here to help pack their luggage in the car and send them off with my deep gratitude for coming to work with us.  I can not express in words how much help they have been for us and how much I appreciate their support.  I believe Jane feels the same way.  Once they are on the road, Jane, Linzy and I will make rounds and then we will settle into a slow day here.   

Father, thank You for the restful night and this new day.  Thank You for bringing Barb, Linda and Annette here to work with us.  You orchestrated our conversations, our Spanish class, and lit the fire in their hearts to participate in mission ministry.  Lord, please protect them on their journey today.  We hear there was a landslide about an hour down the road.  Please make it possible for them to navigate that without having to turn back and spend the next 8 hours traveling the long way to Quito.  Lord, cup them in Your hand and hold them close to Your chest as they travel.  Thank You, again, for bringing them here.  Father, I ask for Your protection and healing for our patients.  Please cover them with Your love and Your healing power.  Thank You for allowing us to provide care for them, to reach out and touch them in Your name.  I ask this all in the precious name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.  Amen. 

Jane, Linzy and I rounded on our post-op patients and several are going home today.  We will have only a couple staying over until tomorrow.  We will likely send everyone home tomorrow.  The patient I saw yesterday with the post-op infection is feeling much better this morning.  She will probably go home later today or tomorrow.   

Linzy told Nancy she would like to be the cook tomorrow for lunch.  Linzy and Nancy will go shopping for the food in the morning and then after church Linzy will prepare a meal for Nancy and her family.  We plan to go to church in the morning.  Church starts at 8:30.  That should be a good experience even if I cannot understand all that is said.

12:00 Noon.  Our day has been slow and Linzy didn’t feel too good after breakfast.  She has slept most of the morning.  Jane is also taking a nap and I am working on incorporating pictures into the journal for the blog site and doing some laundry.  The laundry will soon be done and then I’ll spend the afternoon catching a nap and enjoying my book.  Gonzalo came walking by the front of the clinic wearing a T-shirt stating, “I have the body of a god.  Unfortunately it’s Buddah”  I took a picture because it could not be more fitting.

4:00 PM.  Our patient we brought back in yesterday with a high fever and suspected urinary tract infection has been on antibiotic and her urinary symptoms have abated significantly.  However, her fever went up to 104+ and now we are wondering if she has an acute episode of malaria.  She has had malaria before and the fever being her only symptom now makes us wonder if that is the problem.  Her husband left to talk with a cousin who works in the local government malaria office to see if he would come and do the test.  The government office is closed on weekends.  The test and treatment is free if done through the government office.  If we work through a local lab then there would be a cost involved.  The family does not want to pay for the test and are even content to wait until Monday to do that.  However, we are not very comfortable assuming it is malaria since she is post-op and there could be other causes of the fever.  She is on a good antibiotic and does not look sick.  I hope the husband can arrange a malaria test today.  If that is positive, we can then initiate the proper treatment and not worry about other problems so much. 

8:30 PM.  We have spent the afternoon reading, resting, and reading some more.  Jane and Linzy fixed dinner consisting of great tasting tuna salad, crackers and cheese and cookies for dessert.  We will be likely have some popcorn later as we continue our stressful job of reading.  I am into a very good book by John Grisham and it is hard to put down.  I have really enjoyed the afternoon to immerse myself into a book.  I do not get this opportunity often.   

We received word that the Linda, Annette, Barb and Damarys made all their stops and arrived in Quito about 6 PM.  Damarys was planning to take them out for dinner tonight.  They fly out in the morning to return home.  All three told me how fortunate they felt to be part of this mission effort and thanked me for the invitation.  I am so thankful they came for they helped us greatly. 

Father, this day has been slow and relaxing.  Thank You for the break.  We all were able to get some good rest during the day.  We have had the time to reorganize our luggage in preparation for our travel coming up.  Jane has had the opportunity to complete important paperwork from our week of surgery.  I have had time to spend in Your Word and also read a book.  Thank You for this.  Lord, please be with our patients who are recovering from their surgeries.  Especially, touch the lady who has a high fever.  We think she may have an episode of malaria.  Please give us wisdom to make a correct diagnosis and treat her appropriately.  Protect her, please.  Lord, thank You that Annette, Linda and Barb could join us this week.  You orchestrated this and with these people we were able to give quality care to many people.  Thank You, Father, for giving us all the opportunity to serve You here.  May we keep that spirit alive and serve our friends and neighbors at home with the same enthusiasm.  Father, what ever we accomplished this past week we did in Your name and You only deserve all the praise.  Thank You, Lord!  Amen.


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