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Clinica San Lorenzo

This morning I wandered around taking some pictures of the clinic buildings and property.

This is what you see walking into the clinic from the street.  The building in front is the old clinic building and the larger building behind it is the new clinic building.

La casa.  The house where I usually stay.  Inside are two bedrooms and baths and kitchen and living area.  On the back there are two other bedrooms and baths each accessible from the outside.

La casa.  View from the back corner.  Some construction materials are stored there for use in building the bodega behind the house.

View from the front of the clinic building looking toward the road.

El albergue.  This is the post-op ward where the patients stay after surgery.  There are several beds in each room on each side with bathrooms in the center.  One side for men, the other for women.

La bodega.  This building is a storage building under construction.  The upper floor will be an apartment.

Looking at the property beside the clinic building.  The wall completely encloses all the property to provide security.

Behind the albergue is the ministry building that is currently occupied by a church.  This church was more downtown but then vacated the building and moved to the clinic.

I walked by the church and there were several people there getting the place ready for services tomorrow.  They were off in pairs mostly sitting around the perimeter inside the building praying.

The roof of the new clinic building is the floor for a third floor to be added in the future.  It would make a great place for an apartment for Jane, secure, breezy, and roomy.  I went up there and took some pictures of the clinic buildings and the surrounding community.

Looking at the property behind the clinic building bordered by the wall.

The other corner of the property behind the clinic building.  Carmen, one of Jane’s team, lives in one of the houses on the other side of the wall.

Looking at the one side of the clinic property and the business that sits on the other side of the wall.

Looking across the neighborhood beyond the clinic propery.  You can see part of an inlet from the Pacific Ocean in the distance.

I zoomed in to show the water in the distance.

Looking toward the front corner on one side showing the albergue and the ministry building and the neighborhood beyond.  The large mango tree has a fence around it to keep kids from going up in the tree and picking all the fruit.

Looking toward downtown San Lorenzo.

La bodega under construction and the neighbornood on the other side of the wall.

La casa and the neighborhood.

San Lorenzo beyond the wall looking over the ministry building and albergue.

The little store across the street from the entrance where we can purchase food to prepare.

The neighborhood street that runs by the wall on one side.

The roof of the clinic building with a large water tank for storage of rain water.  This is collected from all the buildings and then pumped to this tank for gravity drainage.

Looking to the neighborhood across the street.

Some home on the other side of the wall.

Our supply chain — the store across the street.


1. Chuck Frederick - July 1, 2014

Dear Dr. 1st.Pet.4:10 Is very clear & thank U for being U. Your “OLD” friend. Chuck Frederick

2. Dorothy R. - March 18, 2019

Enjoyed the pix ,great to see the whole area. Thanks Marvin☺

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