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Dinner out on the town

We all went out to a small restaurant, typical of San Lorenzo, where we had grilled pork chop or grilled chicken breast for dinner.  Those were the only two choices.  The restaurant had 6 tables and you walked through the grilling area to get in.  The grill is out on the sidewalk and the smoke was thick.  Jody took some pictures of our crew and I borrowed them to post in the blog.

This is the kitchen and the entrance to the restaurant.

First table: Karl Needy with Carmen’s little girl on his lap.  Jody and Owen Needy are sitting on the other side of the table.

Jane and Damarys had the middle table along with Carmen’s boy.

Our table: Elizabeth is sitting across from me.  Carmen is next to me and Loida is across from Carmen.

Dinner consisting of typical Ecuadorian food: grilled meat, beans and rice.


1. rodanddarc@bellsouth.net - July 23, 2012

Dad, loving all the updates & pictures! I love you and prayed for you all day.

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