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11-12-2011 (Saturday)

6:00 AM.  I slept good through the night until about 4 AM.  I looked at the clock thinking it was soon to be time to get up.  Then to my relief I still had two hours to go so I turned over and went back to sleep.  It seems to be an extra bonus when one wakes early and then can roll over and get more sleep.  After my shower I finished packing and then went to the clinic building about 7 to see if I could get online to talk with Phyllis via Skype.  I was able to do that and send a couple emails and then went to the kitchen where Dr. Chang was fixing breakfast.  He fixed some delicious French toast and scrambled eggs.  After breakfast we loaded the car and soon we were ready to head to Quito.  We had three patients remaining and they all went home before we were able to leave. 

Father, I pray for safe travel as we go to Quito today.  Please protect us from danger and breakdown.  Lord, thank You for the good sleep and the good breakfast.  Thank You that our remaining three patients could go home this morning.  Thank You for the rapid and uneventful recovery of all our post-op patients this week.  They recovered quickly and went home on the first or second day post-op.  Lord, it is obvious You had something to do with that.  Thank You, Lord, for providing what we needed to care for these patients and serve them in Your name.  You receive all the praise for what we accomplished this week, Lord.  Thank You.  Amen.

Our trip to Otavalo went along uneventfully.  On the mountain roads at times we would come upon a truck moving slowly and had to wait for an opportunity to pass.  We got to Otavalo and found the market quite busy.  There were many more vendors than I have seen previously.  Usually the market takes up a city square but today vendors filled the streets extending in all directions from the city square.  We shopped and got the things we were looking for and enjoyed walking around looking at all the various products these people make. 

Upon completion of the shopping we then made our way on to Quito arriving at the HCJB Guesthouse where Dr. Chang and I will stay at about 3:45 PM.  Jane and Steve dropped us off there so we could get settled and then will be back to pick us up about 5 PM to go out for dinner. 

8:45 PM.  We went to La Ronda restaurant with Jane, Steve and Damarys.  The food was excellent and we had a good time talking.  I am now back in my room packing the suitcase and my carry-on.  Dr. Amy Dawson, a good friend and colleague from Fort Wayne, is here in Quito.  She and her husband, Tim, are full time missionaries with HCJB here in Quito.  Amy asked me if I could take back a mailing for her and I told her I would likely have room.  She dropped off the letters that are ready to go to the post office in Fort Wayne.  I picked up all the letters and packed them in the suitcase.  I am now packed and ready for travel in the morning.  Our plane leaves at 10:40 so Jane and Steve will come to pick us up about 8:15 to take us to the airport. 

I was able to talk with Phyllis via Skype.  She was telling me about some of the events on the national scene this past week.  In San Lorenzo we hear nothing about what is going on elsewhere around the world.  She gave me some quick updates on some of the events that made the news.  I am soon to head to bed and am looking forward to another good night’s sleep.  The altitude here in Quito is bothering me some.  I have the typical headache that doesn’t really respond to medication typically used for headaches.  I find the best treatment is to push fluids which I am doing and get to a lower altitude which I will do tomorrow. 

Father, this has been a good day and I am looking forward to travelling home and being with Phyllis again.  Thank You for keeping her safe while I have been gone from her.  Lord, I pray for a good night’s sleep and for safe travel tomorrow.  Thank You for the great week in San Lorenzo.  We were able to do a lot of good work for You, Lord.  Thank You for empowering us and equipping us to accomplish what we did.  Lord, we did this to bring You praise and glory.  We thank You for how You did the miraculous in keeping our patients safe and bringing rapid healing to them so they could go home quickly, even after some big surgery.  Lord, it is such a joy to work with You in serving others.  Thank You for allowing me to follow You to Ecuador and to serve in Your name.  Lord, I praise Your name tonight.  Amen!


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