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These birds were a sight to behold.  The pictures do not tell the whole story.  I took some video as well that shows the incredible busy activity at all the feeders in the yard.


We enjoyed a snack of chirimoya on our way down the mountain heading back to the highway to Quito.  This shows the flesh of the fruit.  It is absolutely delicious.


On the road along the mountainside heading to the Nunnery’s home, there was a landslide with the debris blocking the road.  A trail had been cut around the slide and you had to carefully navigate it since it went to the very edge of the cliff. 


The road was mainly wet mud.


I am in the rider’s seat looking out the window and over the edge of the cliff as we carefully drove around the landslide.


We stopped at the Middle of the World Monument.  This is on the equator and we were able to stand with one foot in the northern hemisphere and the other foot in the southern hemisphere.


Linzy is straddling the equator.


Then I took my turn.



The top of the monument.


Looking at the entrance to the walkway to the monument.


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