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8/10/05 (Wednesday)

Today is a day of travel for us.  Our itinerary has us leaving Fort Wayne at 7:26 AM flying to Chicago.  There we board another American Airlines plane to Miami.  We then leave Miami at 4:20 PM and fly to Quito arriving there at 7:17 PM.  The weather is favorable and there appears to be no delays pending.

Our flight from Miami to Quito was smooth and Phyl and I were treated to a spectacular sunset from 37000 feet.  There were some clouds in the sky but not enough to keep the surface of the ocean from view.  The sun as it was setting was bright yellow at the horizon above the clouds with a brilliant orange off the ocean surface.  The twin colors were absolutely incredible.  The sun then went out of sight over the horizon and the sky then turned a brilliant orange that faded into purple.  Watching this filled us with awe and we thanked God for the wonderful show He created.

We arrived safely in Quito at our scheduled time and soon we were through customs and standing face to face embracing Jane and Damarys.  Jane then took Phyl and me to our hotel for the night.  There was no room in the guesthouse where I usually stayed so we went to a local hotel.  The accomodations were not as nice as the guesthouse and the noises of the city during the night didn’t allow sound sleep.  Jane left us with the plans to pick us up about 6 AM to then head to San Lorenzo.

Thank You, Lord, for the safety of the flight.  Thank You for the glory of Your sunset and for allowing Phyl and I the absolute privilege to view and experience it.  Thank You especially for allowing Phyl to come along with me as we both walk with You in Ecuador.  We ask Your blessing upon this mission project and we depend on Your grace and love.  Thank You, Lord.  Amen.


1. Paul and Judy Tinkel - October 12, 2008

Thanks Phyl for sending the e-mail and again making us aware of the very presence of the Lord in your travels there. As I read the above blog, my mind went to that wonderful old Hymn of the Church that is being tossed aside in so many churches, “Trust and Obey”. That first verse begins “When we walk with the Lord In the light of His Word, What a glory He sheds on our way!” The beauty she shed on your way was certainly a promise of His Love and direction for you both as you serve Him and many who know so little of His Blessings.
Judy and I will both be Praying for the safty and Blessing you will both have in your visit to Ecuador these two weeks. In Christian Love,

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