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8/12/05 (Friday)

Today was another hot and interesting day.  Jane and I saw 24 patients in the clinic.  We had 30 on the schedule but some didn’t show.  We scheduled some more surgeries and saw several younger women complaining of a variety of non-surgical problems.  One lady came in complaining of pelvic pain and a possible mass.  She has had 11 children.  In the past year she has noticed her periods becoming widely spaced and infrequent.  She had the appearance of a young man, muscular arms and biceps, broad shoulders, flat chest and a face that was very masculine, lots of facial hair, receding hairline, multiple features that were very masculine.  I found a mass involving her left ovary so we will be doing surgery on her this next week.  I wonder if she has some male hormone-producing tumor involving the ovary.  I wish we had the time and the ability to do a good workup on her.  Something is certainly going on that is giving her these changes.  It was very hot in the exam room and I sweat up a storm.  I don’t know how Jane can tolerate the heat day after day in that closed up room with minimal ventilation. 

One person we saw today is Nancy, our cook.  She needs a hysterectomy and has been having a lot of problems with bleeding.  We will be doing her surgery next Thursday.  This means we will have to fend for ourselves in the kitchen.  Jane was not prepared for this little detail since she was expecting Nancy to be our cook for the week like she has in the past.  However, Nancy’s problem has changed the plans for her and for us.  Phyl is not sure she wants to attempt cooking for us with the gas stove that has to be lit with a match and the kitchen that is not familiar to her at all. 

Our shower has an interesting feature that we have not seen anywhere else.  It has a little heater connected to the faucet to give us a hot shower.  The wiring to this unit is on the wall with a switch, which you operate by swinging the connector to the hot electrodes.  When you turn on the power, sparks fly and it is a little scary.  You have to have the water running first before turning on the power and you need to turn off the power before turning off the water.  That means you are standing on a wet floor dripping wet watching the sparks fly at your fingertips.  It is quite the experience!  I’m sure this apparatus meets all codes involved.

The open switch for the electronic showerhead

The open switch for the electronic showerhead

The showerhead, wires and all

The showerhead, wires and all


We have dark blue sheets on the double bed.  The window has a screen only.  In just a couple hours after putting the sheets on the bed we noticed a light dusting on top of the sheets.  The weather here is dry and the road is nothing but dust.  We had to laugh today in that the sheets have this light brown dust covering them except where Mom/Phyl sat reading her book.  She made a nice body print in the dust on the sheets. 

We have a full schedule to see tomorrow in the clinic and a few more slots on the surgery schedule.  We also will see some people on Sunday, some ladies coming from the rivers to stay and have hysterectomies.  I believe there are 7 women coming from the rivers.  We found out that the locals here cannot understand the word, Phyllis.  They don’t have that spelling in Spanish.  So Phyl is now named Felisa.  Now you know what to call her when you talk with her the next time.


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