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1/29/05 (Saturday)

6:45 AM.  Jane is scrambling some eggs and soon we will be eating.  We are getting around a little early so we can make rounds while the rest eat.  Hopefully, we can be done with rounds so we can start the surgery schedule by 8 AM or shortly thereafter.  Our cases are short today, but you can never predict when one simple problem will turn into a major case.  We would like to be done by 11 AM so Rob can be ready to leave by noon.

Lord, I pray for our day today.  I pray for those having surgery and I pray for our recovering patients.  Spread Your grace and love over them.  I pray for Ian who is coming to get Rob and take him back to Quito.  Give them safety on the road today.  Thank You, Lord, for allowing us to partner with You here in San Lorenzo.  Amen.

11:50 AM.  Our morning went by slowly as we sat and waited on patients to arrive.  We were right on schedule with our plan by finishing rounds by 8 AM and being ready to start our surgeries.  However, the first patient never showed up.  So we waited.  Our second patient did show and that case went well.  This guy was one Jane wanted to examine under sedation in ongoing management of an anal fistula.  This exam took about a half hour.  The third patient had a bad pap smear and needed a conization.  However, she failed to show.  Efforts were made to contact her but to no avail.  The fourth patient likewise didn’t show up.  The clinic crew called this patient and she said she wasn’t coming.  So, we took all morning to see one patient and sit in the OR in our surgical attire and talk.  Thus, we talked the morning away.

The team gave Rob a T-shirt with some thank you in Spanish.  Jane is translating this for Rob.

The team gave Rob a T-shirt with some thank you in Spanish. Jane is translating this for Rob.

Team picture

Team picture

Rob just left with Ian and his wife heading back to Quito.  They plan to stop at Otovalo Market on the way to shop a little.  I am glad that Rob could be here with us.  He is a high quality anesthesiologist and a team player.  Also, I am glad to share a mission experience with him.  He saw Jesus’ love in action.  I hope and pray for his soul.

This afternoon is going to be a time of reading and relaxation.  I may do some packing as well.  Nothing much is planned otherwise.  4:45 PM.  Maria Luisa and Angelita conducted Kids Club this afternoon.  About 30 neighborhood kids attended.  They had a story about Noah, memorized a Bible verse, sang songs, played games and had snacks.  This is another part of Jane’s ministry here.

Kids club

Kids club


Kids learning a song

Kids learning a song

Maria Luisa and Angelita teaching the kids

Maria Luisa and Angelita teaching the kids

Lord, what a blessing little children are!  They must thrill Your heart for they certainly do mine.  You created each and every one of them, Lord, for Your pleasure and give us the privilege of enjoying them as well.  Lord, bless these kids.  They face a hard life here in San Lorenzo.  Disease, hardship, crime are all threats to them.  Protect them, Lord.  Guide their hearts.  Cover them with Your wings and bring them close to Your heart.  I pray for them, Father.  I pray for the people here, the families, the hearts and souls who live here.  I pray for Jane, Jorge, Maria Luisa, Angelita, Gonzalo and Nancy as they work together in ministry at this clinic.  I pray for John and Mary Doerfler who are serving here for the next two months.  Make this a great experience for them as well.  Thank You, Lord, for allowing me to have a taste of this ministry.  Thank You for giving me the talent and skill to be a gyn surgeon.  Thank You for drawing me to this ministry so i could participate with Jane.  Thank You, Lord, for giving me the most incredible gift of salvation, a gift worth more than any treasure.  Thank You, Lord!  Amen.

6:50 PM.  Just sent a couple emails to Phyl, family and friends.  I also have received some from Phyl, my daughter, Darcy, and Matt Sprunger, my partner.  Having email makes the family seem a lot closer.  Norm Gilbert sent a message on to Phyl about Dr. John Wallace’s son, John, who is living in Quito.  Dr. Wallace is a family practitioner in Fort Wayne and a friend and colleague.  I wrote his son, John, to see if we could meet him when we are in Quito.  Maybe we can get a chance to have a meal together.  That would be neat.

9:30 PM.  It has been an evening of reading.  I finished the book of Acts and now am into Romans.  Good reading.  Also, I wrote some thank you notes which Jane is translating into Spanish for me.  Tomorrow, I will write the translations into thank you cards I brought along.  I want to give these to Maria Luisa, Angelita, Jorge, Gonzalo and Nancy.  I will include a gift of money in each one.  I want to show my deep appreciation of their work and dedication to serving Christ by serving their neighbors here in San Lorenzo.

We are getting a good rain right now, the second such rain this evening.  Everything will be good and muddy now.  It is time for bed.  I hope to sleep well tonight…if the dogs choose to stay quiet.


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