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On the way to the cloud forest we traveled through a different section of the Andes range.  The mountains were covered with trees and the road snaked around with multiple switchbacks and turns.  We came upon a waterfall coming out of the upper part of the mountain.



Traveling up the one-lane diret road to the Nunnerys, we passed a waterfall cascading down the mountainside and under the roadway.  I am taking this picture out of the window of the car looking up the waterfall.


At the Nunnerys there was a group of birders watching all the hummers.


One species in abundance was the booted racquet tail.  The white feathers on the legs cover the feet and look like boots.  The distinctive tail feathers are a sight to behold.



The birds all feed together with little attempt to defend any territory.



There are 5 birds feeding in this picture with at least two different species.


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