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9/28/06 (Thursday)

Thursday, September 28, 2006  

I called Jane on her cell to see if the car had been fixed.  She said after she dropped me off at the airport she picked up Damarys and they traveled to Ibarra where she bought the parts at a Chevy dealership there.  Once they got back to the car the man installed the pulley wheel but found the fan belt was too long.  So they went back to Ibarra (3 hours) and learned from the Chevy dealer that there were no other fan belts available.  So they went back to the car and made arrangements to leave it there again and then made some calls and arranged for a tow truck to come and pick up her car and tow it to Quito.  Jane and I talked the day before about her need for a dependable vehicle.  This breakdown was a wake up call to her to start looking for a new vehicle.  She can’t afford to have this happen again, especially if she were alone as she is many times when she travels to San Lorenzo.


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