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9/09/06 (Saturday)

 Saturday, September 9, 2006


Google Earth gives a nice view of the location of Indiana and Ecuador.  Ecuador is almost straight south of Indiana and is in the same time zone.

 7:45 AM.  Check in at Fort Wayne airport went smooth and easy.  The ticket agent was kind and I did not have to mess with the luggage.  Everything went through without any problem.  I am now waiting to board and begin this journey to Ecuador.  I am excited about this mission opportunity.  It is a sheer privilege to travel to a foreign country, experience the culture and serve the people there.  The sense of fulfillment is incredible as I give of myself to help others, especially those who otherwise would not have any opportunity to improve their health and lives.  Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to go on this trip and allowing me to walk with You there.

10:30 PM.  The flights went smooth and were on time.  I had about 3 hours in Chicago and about 2 hours in Miami between flights.  I met this lady in Fort Wayne who checked in at the same time I did.  I overheard her tell the ticket agent that she was going to Quito.  So I introduced myself and told her I was also going to Quito.  Her name is Eileen Ridgway and she comes from New Haven, IN.  She is 81 and is spry and alert and stated she travels here and there by herself to see the world.  She is going to Ecuador to take a jungle trip and they fly on to the Galapagos Islands for a few days before returning to Fort Wayne.  She watched out for me and reserved a place for me at each waiting area in the airports.  We had a good time talking and I was impressed about her healthy condition at her age and how active she was.  She showed me pictures of how she used to fly helicopters and airplanes.  She has led a full and productive life.

In Quito I went through customs without any problem.  Nothing was inspected, even my carry-on, which was full of medications.  I expected that at least would be opened and inspected.  I was carrying several stock bottles of medications, antibiotics and pain medications, for Jane.   However, no one stopped me and I walked on through without any problem.  I believe God was in charge of that process.  Jane met me in the lobby and Damarys and her two daughters were there also.  It was good to see them again.

I am now in my hotel for the night.  I was carrying a lot of surgical gowns for Jane and I unpacked those and gave them to her so she can get them sterilized.  I then repacked the suitcases and packed what I need for the canoe trip tomorrow.  This trip involves an extra week as Jane and I are going upriver to a village deep in the jungle to set up a gyn clinic for a few days.  We will travel by canoe and we board that in Borbon.  I need to pack what I will take on the trip and then the rest of my luggage will go on to San Lorenzo to the clinic there.  We will return to San Lorenzo late next week. 

Jane said she will pick me up about 7:15 AM and we will head to San Lorenzo.  There we will drop off our luggage and then head on to Borbon, which is about 2 hours away.  We then will meet up with Raquel and will board the canoe and head up river.  Raquel is a nurse and works for HCJB.  She administers the river blindness treatment in the river region.  We will be traveling with her in the canoe.  Jane said the canoe trip will take 3 to 4 hours as our canoe is powered by an outboard motor.  I am excited about this opportunity.  Previous trips here have been only to San Lorenzo.  This time I will be able to see and experience a different part of Ecuador.

Thank You, Lord, for the safe trip and the protection of all the people on the airplanes today.  Thank You for bringing me here to serve You through serving the people here.  I ask for Your wisdom as Jane and I think about and care for the people we will see.  Help us do the right thing for the people we will see.  Protect the people and us.  Thank You, Lord, for your unfailing love.  Amen.


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