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Jane Weaver, MD


Jane Weaver, MD, is a board-certified general surgeon originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I had the distinct pleasure of working with her as a consultant for my patients who needed her services.  She always took the time needed to deliver the best care to each and every patient.  Since her residency she has wanted to eventually be full time in mission work.  She started to do this with periodic trips to Ecuador and became associated with HCJB, a mission organization based in Quito.  HCJB’s primary function is translation of Christian programming into many different languages and broadcasting these programs all across the world.  This organization also has a medical arm with hospitals in Quito and Shell and several smaller community clinics in various places in Ecuador.  Jane had the opportunity to work in the HCJB clinic in San Lorenzo.  There she fell in love with the people and eventually committed her life work to providing the medical and spiritual care to this community. 

 Over the past few years Jane has been able to expand the outreach of this facility, which began primarily as an eye clinic.  Now the clinic offers not only eye care but also general medical care, dental care and general surgery.  The clinic is staffed by a team of local people from San Lorenzo including a general practitioner and a dentist.  Jane has been able to build an operating room which is now very nicely equipped to provide good surgical care. 

p1010031.JPGWith this facility Jane can perform many types of surgeries including fairly complex cases.  She is able to obtain anesthesia coverage from anesthesiologists form Quito who will come to San Lorenzo for a week at a time to help Jane do surgeries.  The level of care she provides is way above what the average citizen of San Lorenzo could obtain or even afford.  By having Jane in their community, the people of San Lorenzo can receive high quality care and improve their lives considerably. 

 Jane and her staff are very aware of the spiritual needs of the people as well.  There is active counseling for spiritual growth with each patient.  Before starting every surgery the operating room team stops and prays with the patient.  Many times these same people will spend time with the patient before and after the surgery to introduce that person to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.  The clinic is a bright light in the darkness of the world around it by bringing physical and spiritual health to San Lorenzo.


1. Steve "mcduck" McFarland - February 6, 2007

Psalm 37:23 ” The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord” Thanks to Marv Eastlund’s reminder, I have already started to pray for your outreach. Your steps have been ordered by our LORD.

2. Eliza Eats - November 5, 2022

Great read thankyoou

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