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Trip 3, August 2005

This is my third trip to Ecuador leaving on Wednesday, August 10, and returning on Wednesday, August 24.  This trip is special to me because my wonderful wife, Phyllis, is going along with me.  I so enjoy these trips and the opportunity to serve God through serving others and I have longed to share this experience with Phyl.  Things have worked out for her to travel with me and I am thrilled to take her to a beautiful country and experience the culture there.  She will experience the challenges of the living conditions in San Lorenzo and will give of herself to serve God by doing what she can to facilitate the ministry Jane has there.

Phyl has gone with me to the Dominican Republic and helped there with cleaning surgical instruments and organizing and wrapping them for sterilization.  I met her working in a hospital when I was working as an orderly while I attended Manchester College for my undergraduate education.  She worked as a nurses aide and we learned to know each other as we would interact periodically at the hospital.  Thus a dating relationship developed and about a year later we were married on June 4, 1966.  Phyl worked in a patient accounts department at Indiana University School of Medicine doing the billing for the renal dialysis patients and helped cover our living expenses while I attended medical school.  One of thrills of my career is to share what I do with her as she works along side me and we can extend health care together.  Now she is going with me to Ecuador to be part of our team there.


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