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1/20/05 (Thursday)

7:00 AM.  I am up and awake after a cold shower.  That was quite the wake up!  It is amazing how long one can inhale when the water is cold!  I don’t have a mirror in the room so combing and shaving is entirely by feel.  Should be interesting.

10:15 PM.  After breakfast we began seeing patients.  They started arriving by 6 AM and waited all day.  Jane and I saw 39 people and scheduled several surgeries including 9 or 10 hysterectomies.  We spent 13 1/2 hours in this very hot, stifling room sweating and sweating.  By 9:15 PM the last patient was seen having waited all day without complaint.

After breakfast I took some pictures of the new roof which the Berean ABF purchased.  I went up a ladder and viewed it from above as well as took pictures inside the room.  I plan to share these with the Berean ABF when I return to Fort Wayne.

New roof from the inside

New roof from the inside

New roof

New roof

Our anesthesia problem may be solved.  Working through Jane’s parents to the parents of Brad and Jean Schantz, two anesthesiologists in Fort Wayne, to Brad and Jean then to Rob Lindsay, a partner of Brad and Jean, Rob learned of our situation.  Rob was on vacation and immediately obtained flight arrangements and will fly to Quito Saturday morning.  Jane and I will travel back to Quito to pick him up at the airport and will return to San Lorenzo on Sunday.  We will be a Fort Wayne crew doing medical mission work at San Lorenzo.  I knew God would work this out!

It is now 11:00 PM and time to go to bed.  I plan to shower first to get the sweat off and then lay in front of the fan all night. 

Thank You, Lord, for answering our prayer.  You had to direct this, God.  I can’t explain it any other way.  Thank You for giving us the stamina and wisdom to see all the people we saw today.  Help us to get a good rest so we can be ready to serve You tomorrow.  Thank You, Lord!  Amen.


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