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2/18/08 (Monday)

5:30 AM.  I am up after a good night’s sleep.  I spent the next hour showering, getting dressed and finishing packing.  I have everything in two suitcases, including my computer.  I have my backpack for in the car and it is largely empty containing only what I need for today’s travel.  I hope to put some of my purchases in the backpack to make it easier transporting them.   

Around 7:30 AM Jane and I will check our remaining patient, Magdalena.  I hope her fever is down or dropping and she will be able to go home today.  Gary is to arrive around that time for a dressing change.  Once we complete that we will pack the car, say our good-byes and head out. 

Father, Thank You for the good night’s sleep.  Either you quieted the night sounds or I slept very soundly.  Thank You for the rest.  Father, forgive me for my sins and the times I turn away from You.  The battle is quite active inside between walking with You, at Your side, and wandering off on my own and separating us.  Lord, why can’t I just stay with You?  Please help me to keep You in the center of my thoughts and plans continually.  Forgive me please when I fail You.  Thank You for always being there to welcome me back with open arms.  You are so loving, so merciful, so gracious.  You are my only hope and source of peace.  Father, please comfort Gary and Magdalena.  Heal them please.  Protect them from harm.  Thank You, Lord, for your incredible, unfailing love.  In Jesus’ precious name, I pray.  Amen. 

Father, I pray for our trip today.  I pray for our protection on the road.  I pray also for the joy of seeing Your creation as we travel through the mountains.  You thought this and created this beautiful area.  Thank You, Lord, for Your gracious gift of Your world and all its beauty.  Thank You, Lord, for the gift of life and allowing me the absolute privilege of experiencing it.  Lord, Thank You for the indescribable peace You flood over me.  Thank You for the joy that gives song to my heart.  Thank You, Lord, for the hope that fills me and keeps me looking to You.  The world around me is dark and sinful because Satan has defiled Your wondrous creation.  However, You have defeated him through Your sacrifice on the cross.  Thank You, Lord Jesus!  Amen. 

8:15 AM.  We have seen our two patients.  Magdalena’s fever is coming down.  Her exam shows improvement.  She feels better.  She will go home today and will keep the clinic staff informed of how she is doing.  Jane will be returning to San Lorenzo later this week and will check on her then.  Gary’s incision looks good.  He has less drainage and there is no evidence of active infection.  Jane changed the dressing and pack and showed Angelita and Gonzalo what to do since they will be doing the dressing changes every day while Jane is gone.  Jane told me that our first myomectomy patient called the clinic last night and left a voice mail that she was running a fever.  Attempts to call her today were met with busy signals.  Eventually, Jane did talk with her and she states she is better.  Jane told her to keep the clinic informed of any changes and she will check in with her later this week when she returns to San Lorenzo. 

After packing the car and saying our good-byes to the clinic staff we were on our way.  The staff Jane has working for her are so dedicated to their work and to the people they serve.  Jane has to feel very good about her team.  They are part of the ministry and they feel the burden to share Christ with others.   

We had good travel even though it was cloudy and rained periodically.  We stopped at two places to shop, a city called San Francisco and at Otavalo.  In both places, we did some power shopping as my wife and daughters would call it.  Lunch was delicious at the Mexican Restaurant in Otavalo.  I tried to call Phyl only to go to her voice mail.  I miss talking to her. 

We then traveled on to Quito in the rain.  I had not seen it rain in Quito before.  We arrived about 6 PM.  Jane will come by about 8 to pick us up and take us someplace for dinner.  I spent some time organizing my things I purchased today and will then pack them in my suitcases.   

11:00 PM.  We went out to eat at the Sports Planet.  I had grilled turkey steak, which was a grilled, marinated slice of turkey breast about a half inch thick.  It was delicious.  We had a nice meal together and then Jane helped me find a nearby phone cabin where I can go in the morning and call Phyl.  I am back at my room in the guesthouse and soon will be turning the lights out.  It is nice to not have to crawl in the mosquito netting to get into bed.  Tomorrow, we will head out to visit the Nunnery’s and watch hummingbirds. 

Father, thank You for the good day of travel and shopping.  Thank You for the protection on the road.  Thank You for the past several days of ministry in San Lorenzo.  Thank You for protecting our patients and guiding us as we delivered care to them.  Thank You for bringing us here to serve these people in Your name.  Lord, it is a privilege to serve You, to walk with You, to experience Your presence and Your love.  I pray for a good rest again tonight.  Thank You, Lord.  Amen. 


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