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6/27/04 (Sunday)

7:30 AM.  It is morning already!  I am up and showered from sweating all night.  Even though the water is only one temperature (cold), it felt good.  Last night as we finished with the exploration of the leg we went out to talk with the family.  While there a lady approached and tried to interrupt Jane and Sheila.  Sheila talked with her quietly but forcefully and the lady backed away.  She didn’t leave and kept inching closer to get to Jane.  When Jane finished talking the lady cornered her and wanted a consult.  She had a friend or daughter, I’m not sure which, who was with her.  They proceeded to unload on Jane.  Jane asked me if I wanted to help deal with the gyn problem.  It was 10 PM, we were tired and Sheila was angry with these ladies.  Jane translated for me and we answered the lady’s questions.  The purpose of the consultation was for the younger lady who was having some bleeding problem.  We learned these ladies had come from ibarra, a 2-hour bus ride just to get the question answered.  Sheila had told the one lady earlier that the clinic was closed and there was no opportunity to see the doctor.  After the ladies went on their way Sheila then jumped on Jane for making her look bad.  She really lashed out at Jane for going ahead and seeing those ladies, being gentle with them.  Jane could not turn them away, especially after they had come from so far away.

As I thought about this little incident I had to ask, “Who was Jesus?”  To me, Jane exemplified Christ to these people, not Sheila.  It reminded me of the question posed in the Cathedral Quartet’s song: “When the world looks at me do they see Jesus?  When the world looks at me what do they see?  Do they see hope, do they see love, do they see charity?  When the world looks at me what do they see?”

10:45 AM.  Rounds are completed and everyone is going home.  The clinic is closed and it’s time to rest and read.  This afternoon we will do some cleaning in the clinic and packing getting ready to head to Quito tomorrow.  Gloria, the 80 year old who underwent a bowel resection is going home today.  She has made great progress even though she was high risk for several bad complications.  I’ve grown to love this grand lady.  She is so thankful she now has normal anatomy once again.  Her smile is all across her face.

10:00 PM.  Time for bed.  Our day was spent reading, resting and reorganizing.  This afternoon Jane and I went through the OR and inventoried her supplies and pulled all the surgical linen to be taken back to Quito for laundry, folding and resterilizing.  Tonight, Nancy made us a tuna salad that was chunks of tuna mixed with onions and tomatoes.  This was juicy and was placed over hot rice.  The flavor was delicious.  After supper Jane and I sat and talked the evening away.  I have now packed my suitcases ready to travel in the morning.  On our trip back to Quito we are going to stop at a couple markets to “shop” a little. 

What a great 10 days here in San Lorenzo!  We were able to touch many lives and serve these people in Jesus’ name.  I definitely want to return to do this again!


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