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Gonzalo came to a window during our tour and gave us a fresh piece of sugar cane.  Chewing on the stalk gives you a sweet treat.


This is the laundry room across the hall from the operating room.  It will accommodate two washers and two dryers.  A utility sink is on one wall.  In the ceiling above is a laundry chute so soiled drapes can be dropped to the laundry room without navigating the stairs.


The utility sink.



This is the scrub sink for the operating room.  Jane had a foot control installed so the water can be managed without contaminating your hands or requiring someone else to shut off the water.


The second floor is painted more of a cream color on the walls.  This is the hallway separating exam rooms on both sides.  There are eight exam rooms: one for dentistry, one for eye exams, one for the general medical physician, and one for Jane.  The remaining rooms will come into use as the clinic grows.


Each exam room has a sink and counter.


This room will be for the dentist.  The builder did not route oxygen and suction to this room as required by the blueprints.  Now this has to be completed before this room is usable.  The oxygen and suction is being installed in the wall.


This large room is extra space at this time.  It will give a room for conferences, large group meetings and other activities and also provides good space to accommodate growth.


Going up on the roof one has a view across San Lorenzo.  In the distance you can see water in an inlet from the Pacific Ocean.  Jane plans to build two apartments on the roof, one for her and one for a family practitioner who might come with family and live here.


Gonzalo and Nancy and family live in this house.  Jane eventually would like to move them into the house at the front where we stay now.  She will do this after building the apartments on the top of the clinic.


Looking at the albergue and the ministry building behind it.  The ministry building is large and open and multifunctional.  San Lorenzo sits in the distance.


 This is the house where Jane lives and visitors stay. 


Angelita and Maria Luisa were leaving the clinic.  We were talking to them from the roof of the new clinic building.


They were stopping by the kitchen where Nancy does all the cooking to say good-bye to her.


These wonderful ladies are from San Lorenzo.  Jane has trained them to function in the operating room.  They are hard workers and their support for Jane is invaluable.


They are chatting with Gonzalo before leaving for home.


Using the zoom lens I was able to see the Porta, the phone cabin where Linzy and I walked to make our calls to our families.  It is about a third to half mile down the road.


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