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The albergue.  This is what we would call our med/surg unit or our post-op unit.  After surgery the patients are transported to this building where they recover.  The peaked roof in the background is the ministry building sitting directly behind the albergue.  This building is used for kids club and women’s ministry meetings.


Little Jose was our tour guide.  His is Gonzalo’s grandson.  Gonzalo and Nancy live in a house behind the new clinic building.  Gonzalo is our grounds keeper, security guard, and general helper.  Nancy is our chief cook and bottle washer.  They have several children living in this house as well as the grandson.


Inside view of the albergue.  Several new mattresses adorn the beds making them much more comfortable for the patients.


Some of the beds are metal frames and others are wood.  Many of the patients love this because it is a real bed.  They do not have a bed at home so they think this is sheer luxury.

The following photos are of the new clinic building:


The building is two-story and was built to accommodate four stories.  The outside is finished.


This is an enclosed walkway from the current clinic building to the entrance of the new clinic building.  The first floor will be the operating room and support services.  The second floor will house the outpatient clinic offices and functions.


The walkway lines up directly with the entrance to the old clinic building.  Once Jane moves the clinic operations to the new building, the old building will house a pharmacy, lab, and someday an x-ray machine.


Inside the entry are stairs leading to the second floor and the roof.  The builder forgot to install handrails.  This is one of the projects that needs completed before the building can be functional.


Throughout the clinic the doors are beautifully stainded wood.  This type of wood is not available in the US.


The rooms are quite spacious and all tiled with blue ceramic tile.  This room is destined to be the lounge, kitchen and break room for the staff.



These two photos are of the recovery room with the operating room behond the glass window and double doors.  The glass window is for the anesthesiologist to be able to view the recovering patient while another surgery is underway.  Jane will be mounting a monitor system on the wall at the corner next to the window and it will be able to be viewed from the operating room.  That way the anesthesiologist can monitor the patient’s vital signs, ECG, respirations while in the operating room.


Jane and Linzy talking next to a bathroom door.  This is a changing area for the patient who is being prepared for surgery.


This is the entry way into the changing room mentioned above.


The operating room is very spacious.  There are oxygen and suction outlets in the rooms.  Jane installed separate outlets in the wall for use for the newborn babies when she begins to add obstetrical care to the clinic.  She will be able to perform C-sections in this room eventually.


The shelving on the wall will eventually be covered with glass doors on both sides.  These shelves will house sterile drapes and equipment.  The room beyond is the preparation room where the drapes will be folded, wrapped and sterilized.  The instruments will also be wrapped and sterilized in this room.  They will then go on the shelves making them accessible to the operating room without having to leave the room.


The floor of the operating room is a special material that prevents static electricity.  This is important if one is using an anesthetic agent that is flammable.  Any spark from static electricity could set off an explosion if the air were filled with the anesthetic gas.


Jane pointed out another problem the builder left behind.  His definition of a finished project did not include sealing in the air conditioner properly.  This needs completed before this room can be used.


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