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Day 3 – 7-22-2016 (Friday)

In trying to explore the depth of Christ’s love for me and the depth of my love for Him, I was led to the Gospel of John.  There are many places in the Gospels as well as in the other books of the New Testament that point to the love of Christ and how we, as His followers, should emulate that love in our lives.  I found a clear statement in John that has direct application to everyday in my life and in the lives of those who believe in and follow Christ.  Here I believe is one of the clearest statements Jesus gives us to define what it means to love Him, really love Him.  I have to confess, I fall short of this many times but as we walk together and I trip and fall or wander off the path, Jesus is always there to pick me up, brush me off, wrap His arm around my shoulder, and speak tenderly in my ear, “Let’s continue on together.”  He has never scolded me for wandering and has never kicked me when I am down.  His love is absolutely amazing!  Over the next few days, let’s explore an event described in John and learn together what Jesus meant about loving Him and following Him.

6:00 am.  I awoke from a really good sleep.  I must have been tired or else the hum of the air conditioner gave enough white noise that I could not hear all the other sounds of the night here in San Lorenzo.  I am sleeping in what used to be the old operating room and it has an air conditioner.  Karl, Owen, and Daniel have been using this room and I joined them.  The room has just 4 twin beds with room enough to move around them.  

There are no patients scheduled to come in today so I’ll be working with Ted and Howard as our project is to begin painting the outside of the house where guests stay.  Katie and Barb may help us as well.  

Father, thank You for the good rest.  It felt really good and I give You the honor and glory for that.  Thank You for the privilege of being there to serve You.  Strengthen us, Lord, to be Your hands and feed so we with you can accomplish the work before us.  Please protect all of us, Lord.  Thank You, Lord!  Amen.

Last evening my laptop that I use for travel and to keep my journal and blog refused to come on.  I tried to reboot and even went through the hard reset function with no success.  Something happened overnight.  I don’t think it was the water from the previous night as the little rubber feet on the underside of the laptop kept the water from touching the body of the computer.  When I opened it up this morning the computer seemed to boot and then the screen would go blank and nothing would happen.  Then it would boot only to promptly shut down.  After repeating this cycle a couple of times it refused to even boot up.  Bummer!  This gave me no means at all of writing my blog.  I have many people following me and now they won’t be able to read about our mission work.  Needless to say, my morning initially felt really good with a great night’s sleep but then it went south with the discovery of a rebellious computer.  

After meeting for breakfast we had devotions.  The Scripture for today was Psalm 32:1-7.  Verse 7 stated, “you are my hiding place.”  I found this verse another confirmation of loving Christ.  He offers each of us a hiding place through His forgiveness and grace.  What a joy to know I have a hiding place nestled in God’s loving arms and protected from all evil and harm.  

Father, thank You for that truth You have given us, given me.  The encouragement to know for certain that You are my hiding place is absolutely wonderful.  Thank You for guiding us to that portion of Your Word.  

This morning Ted and Howard busied themselves by hanging aluminum pie pans from the rafters in the ministry building.  This building has an open roof with open gables at each end and open soffits.  Recently pigeons have been flying in and roosting on the rafters and creating a huge mess on the floor.  Jane emailed me shortly before coming here to see if I could bring some aluminum pie pans.  She wants to hang them from the rafters in that the pigeons will likely not want to be close to them and thus will stay out of the ministry building.  Ted and Howard put together some scaffolding and Ted climbed up to hang the pie pans.  Katie helped by stringing the pans and then Howard passed them up to Ted.  


I spent the morning cleaning out all the cement blocks and a large pile of lumber that had been stacked against the sides of the house.  I needed to clear them out so we could then paint the walls.  I then prepped the walls cleaning off cement splatters and other debris and Barb then followed with water and a scrub brush to finish preparing the walls.  Then the painting began.  Ted and Howard finished their work and joined in along with Barb.  Katie was busy for awhile power washing the pavers in front of the albergue.  We got two walls covered with the first coat of paint.  

100_3432 resize

Tonight is Karl and Jody’s last night here.  In the morning they will head back to Quito and then will fly back to the States on Sunday.  Two women in this group spent their time painting a very nice mural on the inside of the wall at the corner of the property.  This mural faces the house and is clearly seen by anyone who enters the clinic.  


100_3467 (1)

We went out to eat for dinner and enjoyed grilled pork, beef or chicken with the usual rice and beans plus potatoes and salad.  This was at a small restaurant not far from the clinic.  The clinic staff joined us for the meal and we had a long table seating 21 people.  We had great food and great fellowship.

Father, thank You for a great day!!  We accomplished a lot for Jane and the clinic.  Thank You for empowering us, and me, to accomplish this work.  Lord, I worship You and praise Your name.  Thank You, Lord.  Grant us, Lord, another good night’s sleep.  Thank You.  Amen.

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