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Day 10 – March 15, 2019

I didn’t sleep as well last night.  For some reason, even though I was physically tired, my mind wouldn’t shut down.  I wasn’t worried about my trip home.  The details of that had been worked out.  It was like I had just drank two cups of strong coffee or a caffeinated soda.  I was wide awake and even after I turned out the lights I still tossed and turned for a few hours.  Finally, I feel to sleep as I don’t remember much after about 2 am.

Our devotions before breakfast focused on 2 Timothy 1:1-5.  The focus of the devotions was the importance of passing one’s faith on to the children.  Timothy had learned about Jesus from his grandmother and mother.  The teaching they gave him not only through words of instruction but also through their living their faith daily gave Timothy the foundation on which he could be of service to God through his relationship with Paul and becoming a church leader.  We as parents don’t often think about how much we live each day on stage.  Our children watch what we do and though they may not say it they watch us when we don’t practice what we preach.  They learn that what we say doesn’t always align with what we do and then that takes away the credibility of our words.  Often the children as they age and think about the impact a parent had on their life they will refer to how that parent lived more than what he or she said.  They will also remember the inconsistencies or even hypocrisy that parents demonstrate at times.  The words, “Do as I say, not as I do,” don’t hold much impact on a child’s development of his or her own beliefs.  

Father, I pray today for those of us around this table this morning that we take seriously the responsibilities as parents and grandparents in training up our children in the way they should go.  It is so important that we pass on to the next generation the truth of Your Word and also live that truth in our lives.  Thank You for the awesome responsibility of being a parent.  Thank You for giving us the influence from godly parents and friends to teach us Your ways and bring us closer in our walk with You.  Lord, I pray for our day today.  Please guide us as we do the surgeries and please keep the patients safe.  Bring healing to their bodies and hope to their spirit.  Thank You for allowing us to make an impact for You in the people we serve.  Thank You, Lord.  Amen.

First surgery was a significant vaginal prolapse.  Ten years ago Jane and I operated on this woman doing a hysterectomy and Burch urethropexy for urinary incontinence.  She continues to have good bladder control but developed what is called an enterocoele where the abdominal contents push against the posterior aspect of the upper vagina and this stretches and balloons down along the rectum.  What happens is the upper vagina literally turns inside out and then protrudes to the outside with any pressure, such as standing, coughing, straining.  Jane did the entire repair surgery which involved closing the enterocoele like one would close a hernia.  Actually, this condition is very much like a hernia.  The surgery went very well and I think this patient will have a good result.

The second surgery was a bladder repair that also turned into a repair of weakness in the posterior vaginal area leading to a bulge there.  Jane did the surgery and got a good reconstruction of the anatomy that should enhance the bladder function and avoid the bulge that was bothering her.  

We stopped for lunch and had another good meal from Carmen.  Laying on a large tray were several cacao which is the source of chocolate.  Jane told me the seeds are what are harvested out of the fruit.  The seeds are then ground up into powder and then the sugar and other ingredients are added to make the end product at most people would die for.  

After lunch Jane did a hydrocoele repair on a man and then has a couple vasectomies to follow.  The first surgery was done under anesthesia and the others will be done under local anesthesia.  Our anesthesiologist then said his good-byes and left with his wife and baby to return to their home.  Loida also left to travel to another place where her husband was as there was a death in the family, I believe a cousin.  

Soon we will be done completely and then the packing starts for me.  I need to organize my luggage for travel tomorrow.  Jane and Damarys will be taking me to Quito and I plan to stop at the Otavalo market on the way to shop for awhile.  Then Saturday evening and Sunday I will be in Quito and will fly out Monday morning arriving in Miami in the evening.  Will be staying overnight in Miami and then to Ft. Myers on Tuesday to be met by my wonderful wife who will have arms outstretched and ready for a long hug.  

For dinner tonight we went out and picked up a couple pizzas to bring back to eat.  Jane said this lady from San Lorenzo married an Italian man and they started an Italian restaurant.  One of their main menu items is pizza.  We had two pizzas and they were good.  Seems unusual for a pizzeria to be here in San Lorenzo but this community celebrates entrepreneurs in that most everyone has some sort of sidewalk business.  This business says it has authentic Italian food. 

Just prior to leaving for the pizza a truck pulled up and out came Angelita with her granddaughter and parents.  This girl, now 8 years old, I delivered here at the clinic.  She is the only one who was born at this clinic.  I remember that night vividly as her mother gave birth.  Jane and I took care of her and the baby.  It was a tremendous thrill.  Now mother and child come to see me and give me a hug.  I got to relive the thrill all over again.  

I finished up packing with only a couple things to stash in the morning.  We will meet for breakfast around 8 and then head for Quito with some shopping on the way.  I will be staying in a guesthouse in Quito where I have stayed before on the previous trips.  It is a comfortable house with a warm shower!  

Father, this has been a good day with surgery accomplished and completion of a week of several surgeries to give care to several people.  Lord, You brought them to us and then worked through us to give them the care they needed.  Thank You for such a privilege!  I pray for them tonight, Lord.  I pray for their healing and I pray for their souls.  Thank You for allowing me, allowing us, to touch them and help in their healing.  I pray also, Father, for Phyllis.  I ask for Your peace to envelop her tonight and that she rests well and sleeps well.  Thank You for her, Lord.  I pray for a special blessing on her.  Father, I pray these prayers in the precious name of Jesus.  Amen.  

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