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Warning! Graphic pictures! Large cervical fibroid

Here are some pictures of the very large fibroid that was impacted in the pelvis.  Jane operated on this patient in May and couldn’t move the mass.  She talked with me about the problem and we were able to obtain some Lupron to give to the patient for three months pre-op.  This allowed the fibroid to shrink about 50% and Jane was able to remove the mass.  The pictures show the surgery.

The large mass is sitting in the abdomen.

I have ahold of the mass and Jane's hands are under it trying to free it up.

Trying to extract the fibroid mass

Slowly pulling it out of its site

Jane delivered the mass out of the abdomen

This portion was sitting between the vagina and rectum in the pelvis

The uterus with the very large fibroid mass

Uterus and mass removed intact. Uterus is in my left hand, mass in the right


1. satish velagapudi - November 19, 2011

great work. marv and dr. jane. No bookwalter.thank god to your service. godbless. satish

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