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9-21-2010 (Tuesday) – Watching God Work

I can’t help but reflect on this trip and look at how God worked in us and through us to share His mercy and grace and healing power.  In all my trips I witnessed two things: 1. Being stretched to my limit and beyond, 2. God stepping in and performing a miracle before my eyes.  I learned that when He invites me to walk with Him He always equips me for that walk.  If the path before us is especially challenging, He either gives me the tools I need to get to the destination He pointed out or He just carries me.  Either way I get to see His work play out in front of me or the challenges that look impossible just happen anyway. 

Thinking back over the past twelve days I saw God work in the following ways:













My immediate response to this list is the words of a favorite hymn, TO GOD BE THE GLORY, GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE.


1. Rosa and Ken Liston - September 22, 2010


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