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8/24/05 (Wednesday)

We landed in Fort Wayne about 9:15 pm after traveling all day.  Up by 3 am to be at the airport by 4 to 4:30.  Left Quito at 7:15 am and spend the day in the air or on the ground.  On our trip from Miami to Dallas/Fort Worth, we flew directly over Englewood, where we have a house and Phyl’s sister’s family and mother live.  The sky was clear.  We could see Rotonda and Cape Haze very well.  We could even make out Merchants Crossing and our neighborhood.  This was from 37000 feet!  I wish I could have taken some pictures.  It was quite the sight.  It feels good to be home again even though we had a great time in Ecuador.


1. Dorothy & Don Robinson - November 3, 2008

Dear Marvin & Phyl,

I have just started reading your blog. It was forwarded thru Gary and Lillian and I am fascinated. I so appreciate your beautiful and tender prayers. May the Lord richly bless you and guide you in such a wonderful ministry. Dorothy

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