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Our Valentine’s Day surprise.  Damarys and Loita put this together for us, including the clinic staff.  We had a great time sharing cake, ice cream and a lot of various fruit.


Jorge is receiving cake from Dr. Vivianna, the anesthesiologist.  Angelita and Maria Luisa are at the table and Jane and Damarys are standing.


The platter of fruit was one of two.  A mixture of banana, watermelon, pineapple, grapes and oranges.


Gonzalo is talking with someone next to Jane.


Nancy, in the red top, is sitting next to Jorge.  The clinic team has a lot of fun when they work together.  They are always laughing.


Dr. Vivianna, our anesthesiologist, wanted a picture of me and her.  She speaks a little English and was quite helpful in the operating room.  I enjoyed working with her.  She had a real interest in the patient and would even pray with them before the anesthetic and surgery.  I never felt uncomfortable with her work.


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