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9-19-2010 (Sunday)

The power went out about 11:30 and stayed off the rest of the night.  The air was still, hot and humid and I had a lot of trouble sleeping.  Needless to say, it was a sweaty, toss and turn night with mosquitoes buzzing in the ears every now and then.  When the power is on I have a fan running continually keeping the mosquitoes off of me and giving me a breeze that keeps me cooler and more comfortable.  Without the fan, it becomes miserable.  I am hoping Jane will turn on the generator this morning so I can have some water for a shower.  I ran a fever during the night as well and that didn’t help the discomfort.

Father, it is morning and I don’t feel well.  This fever is strange and frustrating.  Please heal me, Lord.  I would like to travel without feeling sick the whole way, Lord.  I pray this morning for our safety on the road.  I pray also for Jane and the ministry she has here.  This outreach touches the lives of so many people and brings healing, physical and spiritual, through Your empowerment.  Thank You, Lord, for allowing me to participate in this ministry and for equipping Jane and me to be extensions of You to these people.  Lord, I pray for this place, this city, these people.  I pray they will come to know You and place their trust in You.  Thank You, Lord.  Amen.

Jane and I packed the car and pulled out of the clinic gate by 8 am.  We were on our way.  I did not feel well and have more upper abdominal pain, more like I experience with pancreatitis.  As we traveled toward Ibarra I become more tender and even a little nauseated.  We were climbing in altitude and I also was getting the sick headache that I experience with higher altitude.  I drank a lot of water but that didn’t help much.  Then the chills came again and that added to my not feeling good.  I took some Tylenol and got a little relief.  We stopped in Ibarra to get a bite to eat and use the bathrooms.

After our little lunch we moved on the San Antonio where the wood carvings are found.  We shopped there a short while and then moved on to Otavalo to shop the market.  We shopped for a short while and I was ready to continue to Quito.  I was feeling worse by the hour.  We arrived in Quito about 2 pm and I was really feeling the altitude.  I have not had this much trouble with altitude before.  I also was quite dry in spite of drinking 4 bottles of water.  We went to Jane’s apartment first and she called about my guesthouse arrangements.  Damarys was not able to contact the person for the guesthouse so I had no overnight arrangements.  Jane suggested I stay here in her guest bedroom.  That was fine with me.  We can leave from her place about 4 am and be at the airport about 4:15. 

Jane and I went to the Sports Planet for a quick dinner and I brought home most of mine for her to eat tomorrow.  It wasn’t landing right and I didn’t want to chance eating any more food.  We are back at her apartment and at 9:00 I am in bed for the night.  I certainly home I feel better in the morning.

Father, please watch over me as I travel in the morning.  Help me to feel better and shake this fever.  Quiet my pancreatitis, please.  Lord, I just feel sick and don’t have much choice but to travel tomorrow.  I do want to get home.  Please watch over me, Lord.  Thank You.  Amen.


1. Rosa and Ken Liston - September 20, 2010

Praying for you, Marv. We’ll be anxious to hear that you made it home alright.

God bless you with rest and restored health. We know you were a blessing once again.

Rejoicing in Him,

Rosa and Ken

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